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17311DNS ?

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  • wb9onu
    Mar 4 2:21 PM
      Hi I'm new to the group and over my head on RH 9.0. What I'm trying is
      to set up a linux server that will not ever see the internet, but to
      work like it is on the internet.
      In other words when I'm connected to it thru another computer thru the
      ethernet card. Then by using a web brouser I can go to different
      accounts. I want to go to them by name and not by ip address. I will
      be using this with my other hobby for field day operation where more
      than one laptop will be connected to the server.

      Right now I can go to the server home page by typing the server ip
      address. I would like to use a name like logbook or something.

      thanks in advance

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