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16133Re: [redhat] Server configuration

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  • UNIREA Sannicolau Mare
    Sep 4, 2005
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      > - From a performance point of view, both are more than adequate for a file
      > server. In fact a *single* 32-bit x86 platform is probably more than ample
      > for this kind of application.
      > All you need is decent network hardware and as much RAM as you can cram
      > into the box.
      > What kind of throughput and storage space are you thinking of?

      We want all users in the company to work directly on server's storage drive
      (NO WRITE ACCESS ON LOCAL STATIONS, not even in /home... all to be done on
      the server's share). And if I think beter, there are a lot of documents that
      exceeds 30 MB.
      Will a 32-bit x86 single processor with 512 MB RAM handle such operations?
      Also, will a 8 port MENTOR switch handle such a network transfer? (7
      stations simultaneosly to open and work with documents which exceeds 30MB)

      - --
      UNIREA Sannicolau Mare
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