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153Re: RH6 install

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  • Patrick Horneker
    Oct 4, 1999
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      I had success installing Linux Mandrake 6.0 over Red Hat 5.2.

      What I would do is to insert the Installation diskette, restart your PC, press Return when the initial screen comes up and the "boot:" prompt is displayed.

      Then watch the messages as they come up. These messages should tell you what the Linux kernel has detected in terms of hardware, and how Linux is setting itself up to run on your PC.

      One possible problem could well be your CD-ROM drive.

      First, is your CD-ROM attached to an IDE/EIDE controller, a SCSI controller, or does that CD have a proprietary interface?

      Second, how old is your CD-ROM drive? It is possible that older CD-ROM drives, particularly those with a proprietary interface could well be supported by Red Hat 5.2, but eliminated in Red Hat 6.0, since Red Hat 6.0 is marketed towards owners of PCs that were purchased since 1996, though Linux will run on older machines.

      > I'm having big problems with Red Hat 6, when I try and install it
      > everything works fine until it starts copying the packages across (the bit
      > with the two progress bars) then it hangs, I didn't have anything worth
      > keeping I reformatted and started again, as I thought it would be better to
      > stick to just one version. I thought it might be just the new install so I
      > re-installed 5.2 and tried to upgrade but the same thing happened, 5.2
      > installed without a hitch.
      > The only thing I can think of is the CD is knackered, but it seems fine
      > under Windoze and on my Amiga.
      > Any ideas?
      > TTFN
      > Mex

      Hope this helps.

      Patrick G Horneker

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