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10793FTP problem

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  • Dhiraj Chhajer
    Apr 1, 2003
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      hi frnds

      I have a problem to solve. The problem is as follows. I have a PC which
      is a part of a big network say X which has some some firewalls which
      dont allow me to log in telnet ftp into my machine from outside I mean
      through dial-up so now what should I do so that only that particular
      machine out of the whole network gets permission to do ftp. Actually I
      need only ftp to be done from outside.

      So how should I change my firewall rules or whatever it is. So that it
      allows only my machine y which is having name as y.X where X is the big

      And I also wanted to ask how do I make my machine an XDMCP server which
      can respond to other terminals call for an X server???

      Webmin doesn't allow to configure X server or is my conclusion wrong?

      Any help is appreciated in advance.

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