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Spring Cleaning for your Computer

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  • BIG Mike McDaniel
    Title: Spring Cleaning for your Computer Length:364 Author:BIG Mike McDaniel Email:Mike@BIGIdeasGroup.com Category:Internet/Business/Computer Copyright 2005
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
      Title: Spring Cleaning for your Computer
      Author:BIG Mike McDaniel
      Copyright 2005
      Web Address: http://BIGIdeasGroup.com

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      Spring Cleaning for your Computer
      by BIG Mike McDaniel

      At least once a year, better if you do it twice,
      take a few minutes to clean your computer. Inside
      and out.

      First, make a backup of every possible data file.
      No need to backup programs if you have the
      original disks. If you downloaded programs, you
      should have the original download (before
      installation) saved on a disk or burned on a CD.

      This step is here because most folks don't do
      backups. The day will come (so many of us know the
      feeling) when it all goes KaPow! and you realize
      how long ago or incomplete the backs were. Backups
      are a tough habit to build, so much time sitting
      in front of the monitor with a creeping blue line.

      There are a number of very efficient backup
      programs out there that will make copies while you
      sleep. My personal favorite is Smart Sync Pro. You
      can find it at http://www.smsync.com/

      On to spring cleaning
      Dust can kill your computer, and with it, valuable
      information you thought you had backed up.

      At least twice a year clean your drives with an
      inexpensive cleaning kit. Vacuum any dirt off your
      cooling fan in the back. Clean the keyboard with a
      new paintbrush, get the gook out from between the
      keys. Clean the monitor screen as per directions
      in the monitor book (Caution: some window cleaners
      can damage the surface).

      While you are at it, reorganize your hard drive
      for greater efficiency. Run De-Frag (Start>
      Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter).

      Search for files that haven't been modified in the
      last six months or year. If they're not being
      used, get them off your hard drive.

      Put this project on a schedule and do it at the
      time change each year. That’s April and October.

      For more about your computer, get my article
      "10 Ways to Fight Spam" by sending a blank eMail

      ©2005 BIG Mike McDaniel, All Rights Reserved
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