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4 Step Checklist For Online Marketing Success

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  • Bill Platt
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt Article Title: 4 Step Checklist For Online Marketing Success See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt

      Article Title:
      4 Step Checklist For Online Marketing Success

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      Many online business owners want to make the process of
      developing a successful online business harder than it needs
      to be... The truth is that a simple 4-step checklist can
      lead anyone to online profits:

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      4 Step Checklist For Online Marketing Success
      Copyright (c) 2010 Bill Platt
      the Phantom Writers

      Many online business owners want to make the process of
      developing a successful online business harder than it needs to

      The truth is that a simple 4-step checklist can lead anyone to
      online profits:

      1. Create or Tweak your Offers;

      2. Get Traffic -- Attract Targeted Visitors;

      3. Analyze Results; and

      4. Repeat Steps 1-3.

      Create Or Tweak Your Offers

      There are literally hundreds of business models that you can use
      in this step...

      The four business models undertaken by the majority of online
      marketers are:

      1. Service Creation and Marketing;

      2. Affiliate Marketing;

      3. Buying Wholesale and Selling Retail;

      4. Product Creation and Marketing.

      The first two are the easiest for the new online marketer to get

      * Service Creation and Marketing

      I got my start by creating services and selling services... I
      started out as an article ghost writer, and over the years, I
      have ghost written for some very famous people...

      Eventually, I got involved in Article Syndication to make my
      ghost writing more attractive, and eventually, Article
      Syndication became my primary business...

      * Affiliate Marketing

      With Affiliate Marketing, there are several affiliate networks
      that bring together product vendors with affiliate sellers. Those
      networks include: ClickBank.com, CJ.com (Commission Junction),
      PayDotCom.com, RapBank.com, ShareASale.com and Amazon.com

      As an affiliate marketer, it is your job to sell products and
      services from other companies, for a commission on the sale...

      * Buying Wholesale and Selling Retail

      When it comes to Buying Wholesale and Selling Retail, most people
      go to sites like WorldWideBrands.com or Doba.com... However, I
      lost interest in those services when a lot of the companies I
      contacted could not sell the products I wanted -- at prices
      better than Wal-Mart...

      Forgive me if my thinking is backwards on this, but if I can get
      products cheaper at Wal-Mart than I can get them for at the
      wholesale distributors, then I find it hard to believe that they
      were offering me wholesale prices...

      However, I met a fellow online who deals in real wholesale
      buying, and he recently made his knowledge available in a report
      called the Holiday Goldmine. I have read his report -- it is very
      good at sharing details I was not able to find elsewhere. You can
      buy his report here: HolidayGoldMine.com

      * Product Creation and Marketing

      When you can start creating your own information products, you
      can pretty much build a solid future, selling yourself and your

      When you find that you possess a solid selling product, then you
      can explore becoming a product vendor on any of the Affiliate
      Network sites... Solid products can make a lot of money, when
      other marketers want to help you sell them...

      Kevin Riley teaches people how to create and sell their own
      products at his website here: ProductCreationLabs.com

      Get Traffic -- Attract Targeted Visitors

      I used to get so mad when people told me that getting traffic is
      the easy part...

      I just wanted to reach through the computer and strangle them
      when they said that...


      If it was so darn easy to get traffic, why did I have to work so
      darn hard to get it?

      Of course, after a decade of learning about how to get traffic, I
      can agree that getting traffic is the easy part... DON'T try to
      reach through your computer to try to strangle me!!

      Hear me out...

      There are dozens of methods to bring traffic to your website,
      through free and paid methods, and there are hundreds of
      thousands of websites from which you can derive that traffic!

      When you begin to understand the methods and the strategies used
      by professional online marketers to deliver traffic to their
      websites, then you are on the road to being able to deliver as
      much traffic as you want to your website as well...

      If you want to learn more on this subject, consider my report
      shown at the end of this article that outlines 35 Proven Traffic
      Generation Strategies... The report has received tremendous
      reviews and is titled, "Multiple Traffic Streams: The Magic of
      Attracting Buyers"...

      It also teaches how to better target your Traffic Generation
      activities to ensure that you are spending your resources only on
      strongly-targeted visitors -- the people who are most likely to
      buy what you are selling...

      Analyze Results

      I am constantly amazed at the number of new online marketers who
      have yet to understand that THEY can analyze their results as
      easily as the professional marketers can...

      Your Traffic Statistics are perhaps the most important business
      intelliegence that you have in your possession...

      If your website has a cPanel login, as is common at most of the
      major web hosting companies, then you will also have access to AW
      Stats... In the absense of everything else, AW Stats is a pretty
      good program for determining the quality and sources of your
      websites' traffic...

      If you have the money to invest, a better website analysis
      software is the one found at HTTP-Analyze.org

      While HTTP-Analyze is perhaps the best, most professional
      webmasters rely heavily on Google Analytics to track their
      results and conversion rates on specific sources of traffic...

      What you want to learn from this process is: where your traffic
      comes from, how the traffic was derived from those locations (if
      you don't already know), how much traffic came to your website
      from that source, and how many people bought from you and came
      from a specific traffic source...

      Once you understand how many people came from one traffic source
      and how many of those people bought from you, then you can
      calculate your conversion rate for each traffic source... This
      information will assist you in making good decisions about where
      to invest your advertising resources in the future...

      Repeat Steps 1-3

      With your analytics in hand, you can make intelligent decisions
      about how to tweak your offer to get better results on the next

      At a certain point, you will want to introduce split testing, so
      that you can take a proper measure of two sales pages or squeeze
      pages side-by-side to see which one will produce better
      conversion rates for you...

      All great success stories were founded upon minor improvements
      made over and over...

      It is said that Howard Hughes helped his dad's company go from a
      small dsitributor of canning for the food industry to one of the
      top canning companies in his day, by making one simple change to
      the processes they used...

      Howard Hughes is said to have made one minor change to the way
      that his company closed the cans used to package food, and that
      change reduced the cost of cans by 2/3rds of one penny. Hughes
      gave 1/3rd of the savings to his customers and kept the other
      1/3rd of a penny for himself...

      This one minor adjustment in his processes helped make Howard
      Hughes the richest man on the planet during his lifetime -- 1/3rd
      of one penny at a time...

      Closing Thoughts

      The simple concepts outlined in this article will help anyone,
      who has the ambition to do so, to become successful selling
      products or services online...

      The 4-step method defined in this article will very literally
      work with any business model used online...

      Too many people get lost in methodologies, and this only serves
      to short-circuit their success...

      For example, I am an article marketer, but article marketing
      isn't the only thing I do to promote my online businesses...

      I am also pretty good at SEO, but I would never invest all of my
      resources into Google or any other third-party website... When
      your business model relies only upon Google, you will find
      yourself only one algorithm change away from bankruptcy...

      In my Multiple Traffic Streams report, I define 35 Time-Tested
      Strategies for Traffic Generation, and of those, I use 12 of them
      regularly... My top-performing website gets one-quarter million
      unique visitors and 1.25 million page views per year...

      The point in this article is to show you know how you can
      accomplish the same or better results, if only you have the
      ambition to do so...

      Get your copy of the "Multiple Traffic Streams: The
      Magic of Attracting Buyers" Traffic Strategies Report at:
      Written by Bill Platt, owner of http://thePhantomWriters.com/

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