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Should You Advertise on TV?

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  • BIG Mike McDaniel
    Title: Should You Advertise on TV? Length: 323 words Author: BIG Mike McDaniel eMail: Mike@BIGIdeasGroup.com Category: Advertising/Business/Marketing Copyright
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Title: Should You Advertise on TV?
      Length: 323 words
      Author: BIG Mike McDaniel
      eMail: Mike@...
      Category: Advertising/Business/Marketing
      Copyright 2005
      Web Address: http://BIGIdeasGroup.com

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      Should You Advertise on TV?
      more about advertising from BIG Mike McDaniel

      When people discover my background in advertising,
      the questions flow. One of the most frequent
      questions is "Should I advertise on TV?"

      I can't answer that questions until I ask a number
      of questions first.

      Do you have an advertising plan?

      Are you working on a firm budget?

      What are you trying to accomplish with your

      Where are you spending your money now?

      Usually by the 4th question the happy face becomes
      one of disappointment.

      Contractors don't build a building without a plan,
      and you shouldn't advertise without a plan. The
      first action is to determine what you want your advertising
      to do. Most small and medium businesses do not have
      the bucks for long term image, so they focus on a call
      to action or proclaiming benefits (not features).

      Can TV do that? Probably. Can you afford it?
      Probably not. Local TV ads even in the smallest of
      television markets are expensive. You can buy
      cheap ads, but the cost is factored to the number
      of viewers. The cheaper the ads, the fewer the
      viewers. How many folks do you know are glued to
      the tube at 5:45 AM?

      You can get on TV by using the Cable TV in your market.
      With Cable, you can buy a package that's spread over 15
      or more cable channels. Beware the number of viewers
      and the shoddy production.
      Get my article "Cable Ads 5 Bucks" by sending a blank eMail to

      Some people in business believe you haven't
      "arrived" until your business is on TV or on a
      billboard, or both. Funny, I know of hundreds of
      businesses making big bucks that don't use either.

      ©2005 BIG Mike McDaniel, All Rights Reserved
      BIG Mike is a Small Business Consultant,
      Professional Speaker and former Major Market TV
      News Anchor. http://BIGIdeasGroup.com

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