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TeleSeminar Essentails - Do 'em on the Cheap

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  • BIG Mike McDaniel
    Title: TeleSeminar Essentials - Do em On The Cheap Length: 254 words Author: BIG Mike McDaniel eMail: Articles@BigMikesTeleseminars.com Category:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009
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      Title: TeleSeminar Essentials - Do em On The Cheap
      Length: 254 words
      Author: BIG Mike McDaniel
      eMail: Articles@...

      Category: Teleseminars,Advertising,Business,
      Seminars, Sales, Education

      Copyright 2009 BIG Mike McDaniel
      Web Address: http://BigMikesTeleSeminars.com

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      TeleSeminar Essentials - Do em On The Cheap
      by Telephone Seminar Guru BIG Mike McDaniel

      You can spend a lot of money to produce a
      TeleSeminar and have 3 people show up. Or, you can
      spend not a dime and have 96 people show up.

      How many show up is not directly related to your out
      of pocket, but to the quality of your squeeze page
      and the promotion that drives people to go see it.

      Until you understand what you need from paid
      services, go for the free ones. You need a bridge
      line (the phone number that enables everyone to call
      the same number and be joined together), a recording
      service, a shopping cart and an autoresponder.

      There are several teleconference services that also
      offer recordings and some for free. Search the net
      for Free Teleconference.

      You can also find a no cost autoresponder to do what
      you want, but you may have to share it with third
      party ads. Some shopping carts have autoresponder
      service included. You can subscribe to an
      autoresponder service only and use one of the
      orderpage shopping carts that will collect credit
      card information for you (you pay a higher fee on
      the back end). One of those is PayPal.

      Once your TeleSeminars start producing money for
      you, you can expand to paid services. If you use a
      free or stand alone autoresponder, be sure you can
      move the list they generate when you go to a paid
      service. Shopping carts offer many features above
      credit card processing. When you switch to a paid,
      be sure your new cart can upsell. I use Kick Start
      Kart, whcih has many extras and built in

      A winning TeleSeminar is more than just picking up
      the phone.

      Learn how to do your own TeleSeminars, attend one of
      BIG Mike's, information packed, how-to events at
      no cost http://www.essentialteleseminars.info
      Get his nifty eCourse "The 5 W’s of Money-Making
      TeleSeminars" at http://FreeTeleSeminarCourse.info
      ©2009 Big Mike McDaniel, Business Consultant,
      Professional Speaker and recognized TeleSeminar

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