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Is It Really Advertising or Another Fundraiser?

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  • BIG Mike McDaniel
    Title: Is it Really Advertising or Another Fundraiser Length: 705 words Author: BIG Mike McDaniel eMail: Mike@BigIdeasGroup.com Category:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2008
      Title: Is it Really Advertising or Another Fundraiser
      Length: 705 words
      Author: BIG Mike McDaniel
      eMail: Mike@...
      Category: Advertising/Business/Marketing
      Copyright 2008
      Web Address: http://BigIdeasGroup.com

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      Is it Really Advertising or Another Fundraiser?
      by Small Business Advertising Expert BIG Mike McDaniel

      An ad in the annual Ladies Club Horse Show Program Book
      is not advertising. Neither is anything with your name on
      it in a high school yearbook.

      We call 'em Gimmies because the people who "sell" them
      are not selling advertising. They are looking for a
      handout. Gimmie! For years fundraisers have been
      disguised and pitched as advertising by volunteers
      associated with the charity, church or school.

      It works, businesses everywhere fork over the money for
      an "ad" with no coverage, no frequency and very few, if
      any, readers. The value is only perceived because someone
      labeled it "advertising".

      They don't call it a fundraiser because fundraisers don't
      make as much money as ad sales. You can turn down
      fundraisers every day. By calling it advertising they can
      call on people in business and make them feel guilty if
      they don't fork over the cash. The perceived threat that
      the wife of a good customer might go home and tell hubby
      you would buy a crummy little ad her would cost you his
      business is implied from the get-go. But it only works on
      the small businesses where the decision maker also
      controls the money.

      Because of this fear, the average small business coughs
      up one to three grand every year for gimmies disguised as
      advertising. If you really want to be associated with the
      event offered, buy a small signature ad. But only buy the
      ones you REALLY care about. The others should be told NO.
      But the gimmie threat doesn't work at the bigger places..
      the manager just says "that's all handled out of
      corporate, you have to call them" end of threat. You
      don't see Wal-Mart on the little league fence.

      Plus, you don't need to clutter your business with signs
      and posters for the charity circus date or church bake
      sale. You are not helping the cause a bit. No one will
      read or care what is in your window. Tell the little kid
      with the signs it is not company policy and let that be
      that. Better yet, blame it on someone else. Tell 'em your
      lawyer has advised against you openly supporting local
      events by displaying signs and banners because it gives
      the appearance of legal liability by association. Works
      every time. Think about the places you shop that have
      large bulleting boards for all that clutter.

      Keep your hand firmly on your pocketbook and spend your
      bucks on real advertising. Let someone else fund the

      You don't have to buy fundraisers disguised as ads even
      if you think saying "No" to the wife of your best
      customer will mess up your business relationship. It's
      all in HOW you say NO.

      ©2008 BIG Mike McDaniel is the Small Business Advertising
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