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6 Must-Read Business Card Articles

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  • Big Mike McDaniel
    Title: 6 Must-Read Business Card Articles Length: 529 words Author: BIG Mike McDaniel eMail: McD@BigMikeOnline.com Category: Advertising/Business/Business
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      Title: 6 Must-Read Business Card Articles
      Length: 529 words
      Author: BIG Mike McDaniel
      eMail: McD@...
      Category: Advertising/Business/Business Cards
      Copyright 2007
      Web Address: http://BIGIdeasGroup.com

      PERMISSION TO PUBLISH: This article may be published in
      magazines, newspapers, newsletters and on web sites
      provided the copyright and resource box are included.

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      6 Must-Read Business Card Articles
      from BIG Mike McDaniel
      The Small Business Advertising Expert

      Got a stack of business cards in your drawer with a rubber
      band around them? Flip through them to see how many stand
      out as memorable?

      What if your card was in somebody else's stack. Would it
      stand out? Here are links to articles that address the best
      way to create and use business cards. Each description is
      hyper-linked to the entire article for you to free with no
      sneaky tricks or memberships.

      Clicking the link will take you directly to the article on a site
      that has hundreds of valuable small business articles.
      You'll be a business card expert in no time at all -- with a
      solid plan for a new box of effective cards.

      Here are my best articles about business cards.

      ** Do You Have a Business Card? **
      Yeah, I gotta card somewhere - lemme find it!
      What good does it do to go to all the time, trouble and
      expense to have really neat business cards printed if you
      can't come up with them when the time is right?

      ** Does Your Business Card Whisper or Shout? **
      Business cards are the most underutilized and misunderstood
      marketing tool in business today. Many people spend the
      bucks for cards and don't make the effort to get them into
      the hands of those who can hire them or buy from them. Money
      down the dumper. Your goal is to design and use a memorable
      card and get so many delivered you have to re-order.

      ** What Does Your Business Card Say? **
      Your business card can speak volumes about you when you are
      nowhere in site. The impression your card makes can be more
      important than the information on the card. Put your best
      foot forward.

      ** What Does The BACK of Your Business Card Say? **
      More than 80% of the cards you have stacked up in your
      drawer from others will have a blank backside. It costs only
      pennies more to print both sides. Don't miss this wonderful
      marketing opportunity.

      ** What Should You Put ON Your Business Card? **
      Your name should be the biggest thing on your business card.
      Right there where the eye can pick it out without searching.
      Avoid the old trap of name and phone number in 6 point type
      in the lower right corner.

      ** How Much Stuff is On Your Business Card? **
      Your card's purpose is to get people to remember YOU and
      contact YOU. So put YOU in the middle, and don't be shy. A
      fancy company logo is not you. YOU are the most important
      element of your business card. YOU do not deserve six point
      type (smaller than a phone book) in a corner.

      Your business card is your most powerful marketing tool.
      Keep it sharp and in good working order at all times. Using
      defective tools can be dangerous to your business.

      © 2007 BIG Mike McDaniel http://BigIdeasgroup.com
      BIG Mike is the Small Business Advertising Expert and author
      of "Business Cards - Front to Back". The book that explains
      how to make your business card the most powerful tool in
      your marketing arsenal. To learn more visit http://tinyurl.com/j6ol3

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