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Credibility as a Marketing Strategy

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  • Darrell Berg-Smith
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Darrell Berg-Smith See Terms of Reprint Below. ***************************************************************** * * This
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Darrell Berg-Smith
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      Credibility as a Marketing Strategy

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      Credibility is being believed and trusted by your customers and
      potential customers. You can't buy it. No amount of advertising
      or promotion can hand it to you on a platter. Yet you can achieve
      credibility by trusting in and using your own product expertise.

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      Credibility as a Marketing Strategy
      Copyright � 2006 Darrell Berg-Smith

      A Marketing Riddle

      Question: What am I? I am the best marketing strategy in the
      world, I'm cheap, but few businesses use me.

      Answer: Credibility!

      Or for you real estate gurus, what are the 3 most important
      elements of marketing:

      1. Credibility

      2. Credibility

      3. Credibility

      Credibility is being believed and trusted by your customers and
      potential customers. You can't buy it. No amount of advertising
      or promotion can hand it to you on a platter. Yet you can achieve
      credibility by trusting in and using your own product expertise.

      Gaining credibility is the best marketing strategy in the world.
      And it is the cheapest. It can have an enormous impact on income,
      and it can achieve rapid results. You will be amazed at how easy
      it is and the difference it will make. You can start

      'Buy this because it's good'.

      Most businesses sell their products and services just by talking
      about their features and benefits. They do not prove any
      particular expertise in their industry, or even in the product.
      They just basically say, 'Buy this because it's good'. The
      more they say it and the better the message looks, the more they
      congratulate themselves on a successful marketing campaign.

      Traditional advertising has had its day.

      There is more evidence all the time that people avoid
      advertisements. They are looking for information instead. Many
      households turn down the sound during TV commercials.
      Paradoxically the more people resist advertising, the more
      companies spend on it. In desperation, some businesses now resort
      to 'shot gun' methods such as newspaper advertising and direct

      Forget selling; prove your expertise.

      Start to position yourself as the expert on your product or
      service. You don 't do this by claiming to be the expert, or
      displaying your impressive CV.

      You do it instead by sharing your knowledge and giving your
      customers helpful, relevant information, without a sales gimmick
      and for free.

      Jackie's Opals

      Jackie Henderson is an award winning jewelery designer, often
      working with Australian Opals. She employs a staff of 8. Jackie
      was keen to expand her business through establishing her
      credibility rather than traditional advertising. She wrote a
      series of information sheets, freely available at her outlets and
      on her website. The sheets give customers information about the
      valuation of opals, how they are cut for maximum light effects,
      the principles of using gold or silver settings, and design ideas
      for opals. 'How to spot a bad opal' is particularly popular.
      There are photos of her jewelery to illustrate the point, but no
      direct sales pitch. Jackie is however, clearly the author. The
      sheets are a winner with customers, and the public generally.
      They have cost next to nothing and prompt many questions,
      including emailed questions from potential overseas buyers.
      Jackie believes the information sheets have been so successful
      she is finding other avenues for her 'credibility drive'. She
      says, 'I'm trying to establish my reputation as the expert opal
      jeweler. It guarantees me sales.'

      Does your business pass the credibility test? Do your just try to
      sell your product or service? Or do you gain credibility and
      trust from your promotions, by sharing your specialized

      This article is part of the "Don't Go Broke While You're Getting
      Rich"(tm) business series, presented by Darrell Berg-Smith. a
      speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur who specializes in
      teaching low cost, high impact marketing and business building
      resources to businesses worldwide. For lots of free resources
      visit: http://www.darrellberg-smith.com

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