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102690Re: Story of Kiera – Alterative Beginning

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  • lil_lady_mew
    Aug 26, 2014
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      Slowly the eyes of the child began to open as she fixated her eyes upon the forms of the other two adult felines. It felt strange to be required to look up so much to other members of her kind. She was after all an adult, or at least that was all that she could remember. Memories of life as Falcon, five years after the one who stood before her now in his prime, were all that she could recall. She had been floating over the surface of the lake with Shyreen when suddenly a light had come from below to catch him off of his guard.


      Beautiful Azure Eyes blinked up at those two adults who now loomed over her like the titans among their race with confusion. She was smaller than either of them by a large amount. Her eyes gradually drifted to her snowy white paw which she moved side to side to confirm it was her own. This had to be a dream. In her aura she displayed panic as her eyes took in the rest of her slender feminine form and contours. Every masculine feature she had once cherished vanished in place of the feminine physique and her colorations.


      All of her body was now covered by beautiful soft white furs perfectly groomed and kept. Her paws were smaller with limited muscles across her entire body. She noticed her lovely tail was now longer and more slender like other females of their kind. Yet it was the sight of eight tiny breasts pushing their way through the silky furs on her young underbelly which made her become afraid. Without any question – She was now a full-fledged female kitten, the youngest daughter of Falcon and Shyreen who was named Tsunami.



      Sensing the fear within the aura of the child however obtained mixed expressions from the two adults to her dismay. Falcon looked to the child with discomfort knowing that she was to become his future if the rivers of time had not been altered. Knowing that within time she would be required to sacrifice all which she and him held most precious about themselves – masculinity and a vision to change the world for the better by re-establishing the pride of their species. It would be a future that she could not hope to escape.


      Watching the child begin to form tears within her eyes. To question "What did you do to me?!" with the adorable high-pitched voice however made the elder female stare on with absolute repulsion. A disgust born out of having lived through the tribulations of that form for these last four months. To learn the way society viewed and raised young girls to be obedient to the rule of males such as Julius and others. In her distain was a solace that she could now make another and those she loved suffer tenfold her humiliations.


      For a moment the female stared at the child in a way that made the kitten cringe with true terror. Tsunami could hardly even respond as the adult female lashed out with her tail to strike the kitten on the cheek to draw blood. "You foolish child!" she purred using her psychic to grasp at the kitten’s throat firm enough to cause her to struggle for air. "You will bow within the presence of your better halves," she said releasing the hold only to force the kitten into a position of worship which brought a cold smile to her expression.

      "You stand in the presence of the Goddess of Creation, Lady Raven," she purred seductively as if reveling in the way the title sounded. Choosing the name of the founder of the Seeker Tribe who had worshipped the power she had now attained. For it was also the translated word for her true birth name within their native tongue. Lady Kierra was a name she would no longer use despite her returns to feminine flesh. The name carried some honour yet mortal nevertheless. Raven had been born of Gods, a name to inspire fear.


      "A lowly female nevertheless," he laughed, "I shall hereby claim the title of God of Time, Lord Falcon," he spoke within a darker tone of voice. One glance towards Raven caused her to snarl and release Tsunami from the psychic hold. It was then that Falcon placed his tail beneath her to raise her head. Her azure blue eyes held a sparkle of light similar to gemstones that twinkled in the moonlight. Beautiful to behold, filled by priority, yet helpless to repel thieves. Her eyes radiated innocence untouched by the sins of the world.


      Fear covered her body with the pain on her lunges and cheek which still stung. It was clear the young child that whomever these two were they intended her harm. Her eyes quivered as she was forced to stare up at her former self until he too held disgust within his gaze. And then without any warning he spat into her face and whipped his tail away causing her to collapse once more. Her body felt so weak and helpless. It was in that moment Falcon had rejected the frailty and innocence she represented, he rejected the light.


      Raven studied both of the other Mews for a long moment as the Darkness began to enter her aura. It was a darkness born out of her desire to replace the Gods of Old. Now before her lay the two fragments of her former self plucked from the fabric of time by her absence of control. She mused for a moment. For those three of them formed a Trinity borne out of the same Soul from long ago. From the Spirit of Princess Kiera, a Mew

      claimed to have been the most powerful member of their species to have ever lived up until now.


      Suddenly she blasted a wave of psychic energy toward the statues of her forefathers. Splinters formed on the stone bodies of the Divine Beasts, Palkia and Dialga, before the forms collapsed into rubble. Within her eyes radiated a blood lust and satisfaction at eradicating the final traces of the Gods of Old from this world. Upon her expression was an insane look of power. It was the type of stare from one who usurped their power and stared down from on high. Raven was a Goddess now, she could do whatever she pleased.


      For when Falcon had spat upon Tsunami he had rejected the purity from worldly temptations which she offered within her frail form. So it was when Raven destroyed the lifeless statues of her forefathers as to eradicate their doctrines from this world and to rise above their shattered remains. Pollution of the Body, and Pollution of the Soul. The resulting balance from the clash of powers was the rebirth of Tsunami – the virtual younger twin of Raven and the future of Falcon. The Gift she had received in her eyes was Miracles.



      "Farewell," Raven spoke softly under her breath as she vanished in a teleport to begin her Grande Scheme on the surface of the island. In time she would rise up an army to challenge the only other being who held the power to challenge her authority and divinity. The omnipotence of her former self, whom she would strip of his grandeur and cast him down into the Breeding Pits where there would be cries and gnashing of teeth. All that remained was to wait for an opportune moment, while basking in reverence from others.


      "Farewell," Falcon spoke within a charming voice as he vanished in a teleport to begin Preparations for a game he would adore. In time he could choose to tempt the young kitten with all of the treasures and the delights of this world if only she would worship him of her own free will. For by obtaining her fellowship willingly the two could destroy the last. It would also prove his superiority over the young female who had opposed his existence with her own. To destroy all that she hoped for or loved through his lies and deceit.


      Tsunami stared speechless at the two other Mew sensing all the foundations of the world would soon find themselves shaken. Too petrified to move while they had been present, her tail lightly whipped away the spit from her fur with disgust. And in the dim light she meditated on the situation. She was still uncertain the identity of the two Mew, however she somehow felt a deep connection and responsibility to prevent a future they tried to build. Yet she felt discouraged wondering what one small girl could hope to achieve.

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