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  • lil_lady_mew
    Aug 11, 2014
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      Storyline of the Splintered Soul:


      Rays of sunlight poked through the cloud line of the rains began to subside. Falcon sat with his tail curled and then straightened as the Mew of nearly twelve years rose. He had been away from his family for far too long this day. A smile blossomed upon his face as he thought of his obedient Queen Shyreen and how she would welcome him home with intimacy. Exploring her beautiful contour was one of his few pleasures within these last couple of years. And in return for his kindness she had given him a son and a daughter.

      Typhoon was the name that he had given to the son, a skin which he had already given away as easily as a fanciful flick of his tail to the spirit of darkness born out of one who shared history with their tribe. How he had adored to watch Shyreen suffer within the knowledge that he had given her son’s body to Glaurung without hesitation and for his amusement. As for the daughter, he had taken her from Shyreen to punish her for her abstinences since he had stolen away Typhoon or rather the consciousness that was her son.

      Falcon adored to watch Shyreen squirm with her powerless protests. All she could do to protest was to deny him the pleasure he desired for a couple of days before she had opened up to him yesterday. It had reminded him so much of how prideful yet forgiving Eyasha had been before the conflict. And so he also wished to force Shyreen to squirm in ways he had never been able to make Eyasha before or after the war that had destroyed home or so he believed. Eyasha was the first and last female to ever earn his respect.


      It was in that final thought of solace that Falcon vanished within teleport to the lakeside cavern where he had settled his family. Within a flash he appeared behind Shyreen to place his head over her shoulder to take in her sweet scent. To breathe heavily against her neck to hint at his desires. To run his tail down the length of her feminine contours from her perky breasts to the tip of her tail sensually. For he knew well what excited the heart of his queen after these five long years of his becoming a center of her little world.

      Unbeknownst to Lord Falcon however the evening would not progress as he had planned. It was evening as the full moon rose over the surface of the lake. Shyreen a bit nervous mewled pleasurably as she leaned into his caress. She cuddled her head beneath his for a brief moment before she turned to kiss him on the lips before pulling away. Her tail placing itself upon his lips to keep him at a distance as she had done so many times in the past observing his blindness of lust which cared little for her happiness or her pleasure.


      Falcon quietly growled when she pulled away from his embrace. It was purely an instinctual display of his dominance as he moved back to cuddle only for her teleport from his grasp to the center of the lake. Dim light bathed the lake in a natural glow as Falcon followed driven by a lust within his heart. Within a flash his form shimmered and vanished to appear behind her once more on the lake. Placing his head over hers he nipped at her ear sharply, before he noticed she had teleported their youngest daughter into her paws.

      Seeing the small pinkish white form of his two month old daughter within her paws caused his blood to boil. Lusts soon evaporated to an anger as he whipped her firmly across the cheek to draw blood with his tail. “I decreed you were not to see that child until she reached 6-Months!” the angry Mew hissed knowing it had been his way to punish his queen months prior for her refusal to submit to his ambitious lusts. And yet here she was holding that which had been denied to her so freely for him to behold in the moonlight.

      Anger stirred within his aura causing the water below to begin to boil rapidly. No longer was he lost within euphoria of lust but rather one of retribution towards his mate whom he had to teach a lesson. And it was in that moment he noticed a brilliant smile form across her face instead of the fear he expected. Water sprayed upward as a small blue Pokémon leapt into the air bothered by the anger pulsating into the lake depths. It happened in a flash of light too quickly to respond too before the creature was gone once more.



      Falcon, the self-proclaimed Lord of the Pride, had been Heart Swapped into the body of the young kitten within Shyreen’s lovely paws. Wind swept over the surface of the lake as the small kitten opened her blue eyes to stare at the surroundings with a rising fear. Desperately she attempted to reach out and to touch her old body to reverse this affliction only to be held out of reach by her former mate and now mother. It was horrifying as the small helpless kitten watched her former body be incinerated to ash before her eyes.

      Forever she would be trapped within the body of a petite young daughter whom she herself had sired. A shadow of her former self. Her opportunistic former mate Shyreen seizing the reins of power over those next couple of days as she exercised the authority of a mother nurturing her young daughter. And so for nearly three months the unlikely pair lived peacefully by the side of the lake. Every day Shyreen taking the opportunity to properly educate the young princess on the customs and social traditions befitting a lady.

      Resistant to the relationship of power at first, young Tsunami – the name given to their daughter – was soon broken of her distain for authority. Shyreen had not been above reducing the former adult to those punishments and penalties that worked best upon a young child. Who whether the young kitten liked to admit or not, she was very much becoming as her mind continued to regress to match her new body. The mind erasing even mundane adult knowledge such as word pronunciations to instead be led by instincts.


      Four months after the events that transpired over the surface of the lake, another male Mew arrived to sweep Shyreen up in a fast paced romance. His budding new family moved to a large island, the one that young Falcon had grown up on all of those years ago. It was there Tsunami met another male by the name of Julius who led a Seeker Tribe, the rivals of her own. And an unlikely relationship began to form between those two as young Tsunami approached the age of consent amidst the annual Selection Ritual for mates.

      Julius lusted after the young female who by lineage held the birthright of Princess of the Seer Tribe, which he sought to control. Tsunami on the other hand longed for the Heirloom Gemstones possessed by those within the Seeker Tribe royalty. And for nearly three days, the older Prince courted the younger Princess much to her dismay. All of the lessons that Shyreen had engrained into her mind over the past four months suddenly coming into play coupled with her surprisingly powerful female instincts attracted to his power.

      Finally on the Eve of the Selection Ritual, she consented to a political engagement in exchange for his most sacred of Seeker Treasures, the blood orb. It was the treasure prophesied in ancient poems which could open the doorway to the ultimate power. And in the darkness of night, at the midnight hour, Tsunami had slipped away from Julius who had fallen asleep some hours ago with his head rested over her own. Even being within the position of inferiority caused her to grimace as the young female vanished from the cave.


      Reappearing within the undergrown caverns known only to the female heirs of the Seer Tribe through an engrained set of instincts, the young feline delved deep beneath the island. At the end of the pathway, a pair of large jeweled doors stood. Covered with the dust of thousands of years past. Two podiums stood on the left and the right. On the left held a shimmering blue orb not unlike the red orb she now held within her paws. For a moment Tsunami breathed heavily as she approached the right podium her future in paw.

      All that she had ever dreamed of was now within her grasp. Her heart raced as she lightly placed the blood orb upon the pedestal causing the two gemstones to begin to shine brightly. She closed her eyes for only a moment as she glided to a center ring between the two podiums. Her paws placed over her chest in an adorable position. Her eyes lifted up to the doorway as she recalled those ancient passages she had read time and time again when she had been younger. An eerie chill entering the air as she began to sing softly.


      Oh Hear, Ye Holy Light and Dawn so True,

      Echoes of the Future Shall Becoming New,

      Twist, Twist, goes those Rivers of the Pasts,

      Entrust Your Treasure to the Servant at Last


      It was a song filled with the serenity of her young voice. All of the columns within the audience chamber shined an eerie blue as the child sung each successive note. The final causing the two treasures to shoot a blame of light into the ancient doors that began to swirl into portals by an otherworldly power. Peering into the voids of the portals, the eyes of the child were blessed by the wonders of the other worlds. It was a sight too beautiful to fathom yet too frightening to wish to describe inhabited by only a single creature.

      For within the left door portal lay the Realm of Space, the eternal home to the God of Space Palkia, the legendary Divine Beast who wielded the powers of creation. The ability to create form from nothingness, or to freely shape form into whatever shape the controller wished. This was the power praised by those from the Seeker Tribe who above all else valued the principles of Mind Over Matter to control their fates and progress with science. Knowledge of which passed down by All Mother Destiny, the Greatest of Mews.

      And within the right door portal lay the Realm of Space, the eternal home to the God of Time Dialga, the legendary Divine Beast who wielded the powers to transcend time into omnipotence. It was the ability to move freely between the past, the present, and the future, and to know all things. This was power praised by those from the Seer Tribe who above all else valued the principles of Transcendence and Tradition to preserve their souls. Knowledge of which was passed down by All Mother Destiny, their Wisest of Mews.


      Light from the Two Pedestals poured deeply into the two portals in the form of two rays. Bonding to the inhabitants of those Realms, to drag the Gods into the world of the living. Soon two monstrous forms of large Pokémon began to appear in the distance. Powerful roars reverberated throughout the chamber to shake the foundation of the island as the light pulled them into the other world. Tsunami continued on to sing the ancient chant with her melodious voice that harmonized with the ancient roars of her forefathers.

      Seconds passed as the divine creatures struggled and were pulled from their domain. Powerful roars still echoed with fruitless rewards to the struggles. And slowly the first portion of the magnificent creatures were pulled through the doorway. Every inch of the Eternal Creatures that entered the World of Material touched by so much darkness began to petrify as it turned to polished stone. Dreadful winds swept out of the portals to breeze against the soft furs of the kitten who stood her ground and continued in her song.

      Oh Hear, Ye Holy Light of Twilight so True,

      Echoes of the Creation are Becoming New,

      Bends, Bends the Air Currents of the Space,

      Entrust Your Shadows to the Servant in haste,


      All of the ceremony continued for nearly ten minutes until the final segments of those Divine Beasts had been torn from their world and turned into stone. It was in that moment the lights from the Pedestal had vanished and the stone forms before to glow a crimson red and sapphire blue. Out of the Mouth of each statue floated a small red and blue globe of residual spirit energy. It was a sight that caused Tsunami to swallow heavily as she leapt down from the circle to between those two globes she touched with her tail.

      Power from each flowed into the young kitten causing her eyes to transform into a Ruby Red and Sapphire deep blue that flickered with energy. From her left paw she sent forth a surge of Spatial Powers into the nearby wall to transform it into pure crystal. From her right paw she sent forth a surge of Temporal Powers into the nearby wall to restore it to the shining beauty of marble ages past. It was only then she smiled at last allowing her body to glow a Sapphire Blue as she used her newfound gifts at last upon her own form.


      Slowly the form of the young kitten began to shimmer as the temporal powers caused her to age into the adult she had once been months prior. Wisdom of Eons past returning to a young lady who now lay within the prime of her life. A mature young female covered in a coat of snowy white soft furs. Her voice changed into that of an angel descended from heaven as she studied her new form aloud. By all comparisons she was the symbol of perfection in beauty for which female Mews aspired to one day obtain for themselves.

      It was the form of her true self, Princess Kiera of the Seer Tribe, as she smiled to herself softly despite her disgust for the female form after nearly a millennia living within the skins of her sons. And it was from the emotions of distain that she began to lose control. Her body quivered as the opposing forces of Creation and Omnipotence clashed causing her to mewl out in pain. Waves of Temporal and Spatial Power surged forth once more this time in chaos as it bathed the room within an eerie glow of warm and of frigid colds.

      Two figures appearing from the tempest, reclaimed by the pages of history. The form of the first was of a kitten who had snowy white furs and beautiful feminine contours despite her young age. It was the form of Tsunami when she had been younger and when the ordeal had begun over the surface of the lake. And the second form was of an adult who had shadow blue rough furs and a powerful masculine physique in the prime of his life. It was the form of Falcon shortly before he had conquered a Water Tribe for his mate.


      All within the three forms was identical to the points within history from which they had been taken. All with the exception of their eyes. For the adult female, for her eyes had taken a Ruby Red coloration within the right and the left infused by the pulsating energy of Creation she now held within her paws. For Falcon his eyes had taken a Sapphire Blue coloration within the right and left infused by the pulsating energy of an Omnipotence he held in his awareness. And for Tsunami her eyes had taken to a clear Azure Sky Blue.

      In the depths of the three they also shared one common fate. For their soul that had lived for a thousand years had been splintered into a Trinity of three separate entities. Life force beat within the heart of each of the three, connected to a single finite source that determined salvation or damnation. Psychic Pokémon on the surface had sensed the Psychic Aura touched by an absolute darkness. One tempted to replace the divine, and the other tempted by the world. It was only in the softer third that a faint warmth was sensed.








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