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102686Bonds of the Past

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  • ancalagon700
    May 23, 2014
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      "Here, Sirena! Celestia, where's Spirit?" called a young white Mew, just on the cusp of adulthood, as she hovered before a small cave. Orange light from the forest burning around her bathed her pristine fur as three other female pink Mew, each younger than her, quickly entered the cave she guarded, one of them was holding a small kitten. "Shyreen, I have Spirit, but I don't know where Mom is!" she said as tears brimmed at the edges of her blue eyes. "I've never seen a Mew like this, he killed the males and no one can teleport, he's..."


      The  white Mew turned and looked at her sister, "Go inside Aello, before he finds-" said Shyreen but was suddenly cut off as a psychic wave blasted them back into the cave. The four sisters and their very young brother were in a pile at the back of the cave, but Aello recovered first and was hovering before her siblings, standing between them and dark blue Mew that hovered at the entrance of the cave with a smirk on his face and a glint of amusement in his red eyes as the flames glowed behind him. "Yes, Shyreen. Where is your mother? If you don't tell me, or don't know, then you will have to take her place. Not even a god can sire children without a mother" he chuckled.


      Shyreen was getting to her feet when suddenly she watched Aello rush forward to attack the dark blue male as a pink orb of energy surrounded her, but as quickly as she dashed, she was struck down by a powerful and cruel psychic blade that slashed her from her shoulder to her hip and felled her body to the floor, crushed and bleeding. It was over so fast that Shyreen could only shield the eyes of her brother as she starred in stunned silence. "Make me repeat myself then I will be angry" hissed the dark blue Mew.


      Sirena and Celestia held their baby brother between themselves as they cowered and sobbed while Shyreen stood between them and their attacker. "I do not know where Theolin, my Mother, is" said Shyreen with surprisingly little emotion, "I know you killed the males of my tribe, spare my brother's life...and I will be loyal to you" she said, her face without expression and a single tear ran from her amber eyes and clung to her chin like dew fading from a white flower. The dark blue Mew slowly whipped his long tail around and lifted her chin to look at her, and as he watched it seemed as if her eyes aged several years in the brief time he looked at them. She did not weep as the others, and despite the calamity and shell shock he just caused, he could sense the discipline in her aura, the strength of her spirit keeping her fear and emotions bridled, willing her very heart to keep beating instead of dying from grief.


      Only the faintest smile at the edge of his mouth showed his admiration, however small. "Done..." he said then hovered over Aello's body and looked down at the smaller and younger female. "Shyreen...ore must endure the hammer, fire, and time before it becomes steel. You are on the cusp of greatness, time is all you require, and you will be my Queen" he said as his smile spread into a sharp toothed grin showing his fangs "A Queen of steel"


      A fully grown white female Mew opened her amber eyes slowly as she awakened from sleep, held in the embrace of a jet black Mew, a pair of twin white kittens and a black kitten were at her side as they all lay on the floor of a cave hewn out white marble. Slowly slipping free, she turned and looked with sadness at her mate before she glanced at the white kittens, sisters, clutching each other as they slept. She picked up the white kitten on the left, and with a shuddering breath, teleported them both from sight.

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