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  • serenity.storm
    Jan 29, 2014

      Mystery Dungeon games revolve around the theme of a Human somehow being turned into a Pokémon and looking into the reason why. I suppose in terms of what I read of the game so far, the most logical choice if I was to incorporate an element would involve a "Heart Swap" of some sort since it is in series. 


      If you are leaning toward a romance than I suppose I would go with the Ditto idea. It would be especially interesting with the above theme or element. I could have her be a nervous clumsy girl with a lower self esteem which is why she prefers to use the more 'elegant' forms if she views natural form as repulsive


      As for Storyline or Setting, thoughts? I think a woodland or lakeside area would be a good setting for romance between a Ferret and a Ditto. And since I read the disclaimer you had on Ditto, I suppose initial forms could be Mew, Eevee, Pikachu, Maril, and of course Furret when she touches Erevan early on?


      To conceal fact she is a ditto (and be viewed by others as 'repulsive') she instead identifies herself to others as a Mew, and uses that excuse to justify her other transformations? Being a former human I imagine that she might be a fair bit more clever than your average Furret, and again lends some truth to 'mew' façade?


      Simply would not be anywhere near as powerful outside of having same abilities. Since STATs are linked to the actual Pokémon not the transformed form. But if she is smart about it could likely pass herself off as legendary.



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