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102676Call To The Living

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  • serenity.storm
    Jan 28, 2014

      Well it looks like I 'May' have found the last living Pokémon RPG, so wondering if any body is still around and looking to start a storyline? I would be looking for around 3 - 7 posts per week and an experienced writer who does more than 1 line posts. I have a number of years experience on Yahoo Groups (RPGs) and can do most settings.


      Open to ideas, I was thinking maybe something to do with sixth generation types, and I would prefer to keep storyline to the smaller size Pokémon than larger ones. Predators or Prey, Mixed Species or a 'Pack', 'Swarm', 'Herd' of the same. It could likewise be one of adventure (mobility) or Ordinary Life (stationary) based on whatever person prefers.


      I read over a couple of the previous posts to get an idea, from what I can see most of the threads recently (last 2 years) have been short lived, but hey worth a try.


      I was thinking I would play a female (not the best at males) albeit age and what not is up for discussion depending on theme of storyline (e.g. family life, romance, etc).


      If interested please reply or email or message on yahoo messager,

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