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  • Steve
    Jul 2, 2013
      A stillness hung in the air after the multi colored Ampharos spoke and the Mew were silent at first, the black male folded his arms and gazed at the floor in thought. "I lost my Mother as well..." said the white Mew as she hovered over to the ram and placed her paw on his shoulder, "and two of my children, but we still have control over our lives to live as best we can. Fate is only determined for us if we allow it. You do not have to accept the fate others place on your life, your only cursed if you accept it"

      Rex slowly turned his eyes up, he had never heard Shyreen speak of her family to anyone but himself. "You survived to come to our island, and you have new friends here. You do not have to accept what fate or life imposes upon you. You always have a choice" she said with a gentle smile. It pained her to see such a beautiful and life filled creature to start to loose hope and she was impressed that he could still have a cheerful nature despite all he had suffered, and she hoped that she could give him some level of comfort.

      A massive jet black Aerodactyl suddenly teleported into sight, laying on his stomach in the rear of the room clutching the sides of his head with his clawed tri fingered hands as a small white kitten hoped on his head that was the size of a man while a 2 foot Aerodactyl tugged with his tiny hands at the giant wyvern's black frill on the back of his head. "Noooooo, I want to go home, I want to go hooooome" moaned Glaurung as he covered his snout with his black hole filled wings.

      "Mommy, Daddy!" yelled the children as one and leapt from their exhausted Uncle to their parents. Rex laughed loudly as he caught Luthien in his arms and Michael buried his face in Shyreen's white fur as he hugged her waist. "You were not too hard on poor Uncle Glaurung were you?" he asked as he nuzzled her head. "No" said Luthien and Michael with innocence. Glaurung huffed, "Little pirates! They were so mean to poor Uncle Glaurung, they would not stop hiding and they kept demanding a booty of cookies"

      "Don't you usually give them treats when your blackmailing them not to tell Mommy on you?" asked Shyreen sweetly as the black Aero gave a sheepish grin.

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      "Thanks." Jiggy gave a bitter laugh, glancing at Shyreen and then looking back at the changed Rex. Transformations didn't faze him at all to see, after the time he had spent with mews and mew-mixes. That was at least one thing he'd gotten used to. "Heh--I don't even know where home really is. I grew up travelling. Me and my dad were always on the move. I was born on the move, he told me. I remember when he, auntie Serenity, Mom and me tried to return to his birth flock..." He shook his head. "It--completely didn't work out--turned into a battle, my mom drowned during the whole mess... We aren't welcome back there, ever." Jiggy had been very young lamb, but he remembered watching the whole thing, helpless on the banks while his mother disappeared into the rapids.

      His lights took on a mournful low tone and his eyes a faraway look. So much had already been seemingly laid out for him before he had been born. He sometimes wondered if that was what was meant by born cursed. "My dad told me that our family is cursed and the curse goes back a while."
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      Rex's expression softened at Jiggy's last statement and he slowly unfolded his arm's. He had been much the same way, before time warp he just wanted to live in peace with Sarayu and ended up being dragged against his will into the affairs and internal wars of the Mew, and now he was so deeply involved that he could never leave their world again. His own children were Mew. He felt badly for Jiggy since he reminded him of how he was much the same way, not knowing how all the politics and powers that were worked, and just not wanting to be killed.
      The pink Aerodactyl closed his eyes and quickly began to shrink in size and morph until he became a larger than normal black Mew, but with horns where his ears would have been and dragon like fangs. The last three feet of his six foot tail was still the metal prosthetic since it could not change with him, but it responded to his thoughts and behaved mostly like his tail always had, though the spaded tip would spin slowly like a drill bit when he was thinking, an absent minded habit of his. He opened his red eyes and hovered eye level at Jiggy who was now larger than he was.
      "I have learned not to make promises that I do not have the power to keep, but you may stay with my family so long as you need to where should be safe. And we will figure out a way for you to get home safely, or find a new one" he said with a kind smile, though it was a bit surprising that his deep and powerful voice had not diminished or changed with his transformation.
      He looked over at Shyreen who was appearing sad, as if a cloud had slowly passed over her normally attentive and cheerful aura. He noticed she was always pondering, and waiting upon him patiently. He smiled at her in an effort to cheer her, and made a note to speak with her later in private.
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