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  • Steve
    Jun 29, 2013
      Rex digested what Jiggy said slowly, the ram was raising more questions then he was answering, but he did not sense or feel like Jiggy was trying to deceive him, or even hide anything. "Faylnx, the brother of Raven, made the time warp. They are not normal Mew and claim to be the children of a divine being...but you will learn that on Mew Island that word is tossed around loosely, I myself do not believe in any pokegods, I think they are just very powerful pokemon"

      The pink Aerodactyl blinked as he felt himself get tapped on the wing, and glanced at the white Mew who was giving him a knowing smile. He smiled at her with a nod, "Well Jiggy, Ruffy may not have known that Raven was the new ruler of the island, she is wicked and kills her own kind so this Island is not safe haven for you. I can live here because I have a powerful friend who protects me, so no one will erase you when your with me. Not even Raven dares to cross paths with Thorondor and maybe you can meet him"

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      "He said something like, according to them we aren't supposed to exist so they might try and erase us. So he said, that he wanted us to split up. He said he was sending me to a stronghold at another temple. I don't know where he is now--Ruffy. Ruffy is a guardian of another Mew temple in the jungle. Probably pretty far away from here, I don't know where in relation to here. He said I was going to arrive on an island but I wound up in the middle of the sea. I stayed above water long enough to see this place in the distance, so I swam for it. I must have passed out at some point."

      Jiggy paused, trying to recall the rest of it. There had been quite a lot of commotion when he and Mosaic had made it to that temple. "Four moons ago? I think the one he's talking about happened before that. But maybe it was that one. So there was a giant time warp to change you from one thing into another?" His lights flickered. "Who made time warp?"

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      The snake like slits in Rex's eyes narrowed when Jiggy mentioned how he was 'sent' here. Rex knew that because Mew Island was a drifting island that one simply could not come here without teleportation, and that could not be done unless they had been here before or another psychic shared the memory with them so one could teleport. It served as a good means of defense for the island, but of course there was always the small chance someone could stumble across the island as well.

      The Aerodactyl nodded slowly again, carefully contemplating his words, especially about Ruffy and the ripple in time. "There was a time warp 4 months ago, its purpose was to change me from an Aerodactyl into a cross of a Mew and Aero. Not a hybrid, for I am not sterile, but a new species. It is possible that others outside of those in my life were affected as well"

      Rex regarded the Ampharos carefully, he knew Ruffy would have to be a Mew in order to send him here, and he knew that Mew often fought amongst each other for power. "Why would the powers that be wish to harm you? You seem normal enough to me"
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