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102651{RoL} Re: Echoes of the past

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  • Steve
    Jun 29, 2013
      The snake like slits in Rex's eyes narrowed when Jiggy mentioned how he was 'sent' here. Rex knew that because Mew Island was a drifting island that one simply could not come here without teleportation, and that could not be done unless they had been here before or another psychic shared the memory with them so one could teleport. It served as a good means of defense for the island, but of course there was always the small chance someone could stumble across the island as well.

      The Aerodactyl nodded slowly again, carefully contemplating his words, especially about Ruffy and the ripple in time. "There was a time warp 4 months ago, its purpose was to change me from an Aerodactyl into a cross of a Mew and Aero. Not a hybrid, for I am not sterile, but a new species. It is possible that others outside of those in my life were affected as well"

      Rex regarded the Ampharos carefully, he knew Ruffy would have to be a Mew in order to send him here, and he knew that Mew often fought amongst each other for power. "Why would the powers that be wish to harm you? You seem normal enough to me"

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      Jiggy took hold of the melon and bit into it almost without thinking, realising how famished he was now that food had been presented to him. "Thank you," he wiped juice from his chin with the back of his blue, red and purple flipper. "Uh, last thing I knew, Ruffy said he was sending me out here to a place where I'll be safe. Said the...powers that be could be after me. Something about a ripple in time. I don't know. I wound up wandering in a lot of places where I shouldn't have. Should've just stuck with Dad and Serenity..."

      He shook his wildly haired head. "Um, nice to meet you, Rex." He looked up from his lap and the melon, up at the pink aerodactyl again with a dazed expression like he was beyond being surpriseable.
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