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Fw: REQUESTS.........6-10-12........ANGEL of MINE MINISTRY

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  • drena brown
      Ps 19:14 14 Let the words of my mouth , and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. KJV  AUTHOR: THE
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      Ps 19:14
      14 Let the words of my mouth , and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.


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      Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2012 9:58 PM
      Subject: REQUESTS.........6-10-12........ANGEL of MINE MINISTRY

      Dear Father,
      In times which trouble and try our faith,
      we look up to You,
      thanking You,
      that You are always faithful
      and willing,
      to deliver Your children
      in trouble.
      we thank You for Your continual and never changing
      and we just pray that in the times when circumstances,
      may make us doubt,
      that we always remember the many
      You have carried us through.
      May our faith remain unwavering,
      through every storm,
      and may we honor You,
      as we cling to You,
      In Jesus' name,
      we pray,
      thanking You for this day,
      whatever it may bring.
      apna, ANGEL of MINE MINISTRY
        Loving God and tender Shepherd, use me each day to be a blessing to someone in need. Please open my eyes and ears to see those around me who need emotional support or financial help. Please give me the courage to bless them and lead them closer to you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.Joyce.

      For the third time in less than two weeks, I'm having chest pains and sweating, please pray for me. God is able and faithful. We're going to the ER. God bless. Love, Jaynne  jaynnefma@...
      I am so extremely weak. My feet/ankles
      are very swollen. I feel faint. And the
      atrial fibs /irregular heartbeats are "acting up".

       I am praying this "attack" goes away soon.

       Thank you, warriors.     Love,  Martha Smith
      my sis is going in to a Dr this week to see about the burning in her stomach and chest area which she goes through Please pray that they can help her and that it will all be okay .
      pray for my sis swollen feel and ankles to go down they are giving her lasik every other day and also pray for the pills she is taking for ringing in the ears to help her real soon
      Pray for PPatte and her son for healing
      Pray for Laverne and Carolyn and Gerrie and all the people that ask for prayer for healing and salvation on the prayer lines
      pray for all people with disabilities
      Protection for all our babies and children
      Prayer against bullying any place
      prayer for more love and compassion with people towards others
      prayer for good weather in different states
      prayer for people that dont have health insurance  and jobs to get help
      prayer for the young people to respect their parents and others and be more helpful and get along with others
      Prayer for all in hospitals. convalescent homes, mental facilites,prison ward , handicapped , abused ,and others i dont remember
      Prayer for our president to start making better decisions for the country and people
      Prayer our next president will be someone we can all look up to for all the things he will do for the people and country
      people that are alone and sick that they will be able to get help or be able to have a friend when needed
      prayer for all our military that they will come home safe and healthy
      prayer for all our prayer warriors and religious men and women of authority for all the prayer they put out for others
      It is sad how much is going on in the world with people that we probably dont know about
      I pray for all to get the help they need.
      I know i forgot some but i  think we all have to really pray more for each other and our country and against all that is going on
      God bless each one of you for praying for these needs and may the Lord bless each one of you for yours. Terry goopiegirl2@...
      Brother and Sisters, I have to go into the hospital , Wed. the 13th to have stints put in my legs for blocked arteries, please pray for me, that God will see me through this and quick healing. I believe in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to heal me. Amen. Thank you and God bless all. love ysic, Aileen.  
      Please pray for Timothy . My nephew. That God will send his healing power. thanks
      Please send out a Prayer Request for Timothy
      He sprained his ankle real bad,
      We are suposed to leave Wednesday for Gatlinburg but don't know if we can go off and leave him or not.
      So pray that he will have a quick recovery and the swelling goes down.   Barbara
      lois young   lotily_80@...
      Bob has got stage 4
      cancer of the esophagus I hope I spelled it right sorry I made a mess out of this one thats on here
      so pray for that family and he is not a christian
      god bless you and prayer warriors ....lois
       poem by Anne R. C. Neale
      picture by CArol A. Niebauer
      Waiting is such a waste of time
      Waiting for someone to return your call,
      Waiting for a repairman to show up,
      Waiting is difficult for you Spirit and Soul
      You're life is so short you shouldn't waste it at all
      As you start to age you'll find infirmities,
      So enjoy your life while you have good health ,
      Try to be productive or have fun while waiting for
      something  you see 


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