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The new Escapist forums, and the future of this group

Hello all. I'm posting to relay a little news about some changes to the website and this group. Earlier this year, I made some big changes to the website,
Oct 2, 2009

RW&RP Wiki

David Millians and I have been poking at the wiki for Reading, Writing, & Roleplaying, and I've decided to make it semi-public:
W.J. Walton
Feb 28, 2009

Interview with Rebecca Thomas of Roleplay Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Thomas of Roleplay Workshop, an afterschool program in California - and got to ask a lot of questions
W.J. Walton
Jan 20, 2009

Welcome to a new member - and a little nudge...

Welcome our newest member, Lord_Mallen! Please feel free to let us know a little about yourself, if you like. The group hasn't quite gotten off of the ground
W.J. Walton
Feb 22, 2008

Re: Dragonkin

Thanks for the intro, Bill! Although I am not a professional educator, for a time I was a home school teacher and I really enjoyed teaching my kids and my
Sam Chupp
Aug 8, 2007


I think there would be no better way to start this off than with a mention of the latest episode of Dragonkin, Sam Chupp's podcast devoted to role-playing with
W.J. Walton
Aug 8, 2007


Welcome to the Reading, Writing, and Roleplaying discussion group! This group is for the discussion of using tabletop (non-electronic) role-playing games as
W.J. Walton
Aug 2, 2007
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