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532RE: Happy 37th anniversary to the RCA Studio II

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  • ekeefe8051
    Jan 8, 2014


      Happy anniversary RCA Studio II!

      In honor of this occasion, I would like to share some information I have on the RCA Studio II. 

      I had a non-working unit so I decided to remove all the components from the PCB and scan both sides. I used a hot-air rework station to remove the parts. I didn't care about delaminating or scorching the board. I just wanted a clear image of the traces.

      Here are huge (20meg) images of the Studio II PCB I scanned:



      From this I drew up a schematic of the board. I then used an ohm meter to verify my drawing. 

      Here is the schematic I drew, with no RF section:


      Here is the service manual for the Studio II (found this one on the net):


      I redesigned the circuit and built my own Studio II. It is sort of a multi-cart version. I have a little 16-position rotary switch that selects which "Cart" to run. It is limited to 1K cartridges however. It has 32K of ROM and 32K of RAM. I did this only because I use these chips quite often and have a bunch of them. My board does not have an RF section, only a video out.

      Here is a picture of the Studio II I built:


      I hope you find this helpful. If you have questions, please ask.


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