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508Re: Vip Video

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  • DougCrawford
    May 17, 2013
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      --- In rcacosmac@yahoogroups.com, "chucko205" <chucko205@...> wrote:
      > My Cosmac Vip signals the sound and Q light ok but no video, tried the video chip in a studio 2 and it works fine, signal out is above 0.5(appx 1.0) volts, sending to comp input on new led tv, could tv be a problem?

      This was an interesting thread; thanks everyone for the participation. My VIP had the same issue; I went thru a few monitors till I found
      one that would sync.

      I have a televideo 920 termininal sans main board and was thinking
      of putting the VIP into the terminal... hooking up the video using a sync separator to the televideo signals. Didn't get to it (yet?)
      but its comforting to know I can improve the video in this way... I didn't know if it was a level or timing issue. Nows I (we) do!
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