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  • Hana Julander
    Xcel Energy Prim avera Systems Scheduler 200 Beacon Pkwy W Ste 300 Birming ham AL 35209. TRIVIS , INC. P. O. BOX 1149. PEL HAM , Alabama 35124, Built 16
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        Xcel Energy Primavera Systems Scheduler 
      200 Beacon Pkwy W Ste 300
      Birmingham AL 35209. 
      TRIVIS, INC. 
      P. O. BOX 1149.
      PELHAM, Alabama 35124,

      Built 16 Nuclear Facilities and 214 Storage Systems LinkedIn Tory Strege’s full profile.  My Cousin Processing people in Nuclear Storage and MacDonald sandwiches Federal Judge Frank Donovan from England Durham University  attended US Ham-line University and Taught at The Saint Paul Mitchel Burger-son, was appointed buy  Rodham Clinton, 10 Years in the Navy now MacDonald CEO James Alan Skinner uspsstampstogo.com Head Department of Justice  James B. Cunningham  Ambassador to Afghanistan and Israel with Top of List James Grover McDonald partnered with Wendy L. Baker.  Fed her all Judge Raymond Erickson rites as written your Words convey no Meaning. "US going to MacDonald s"  Blacks Law Dictionary as = Anglo Saxon on= Old Norse is= Compute information, it= Judge understands the Complaint seen upon Internet typing Adam Paul Strege. Becky Berger man my Other Cousin carrying people to MacDonald s and My Federal dad worked the NMITs? Navy Refueling ship, Nuclear Submarines than Power Plants while running 4 year Old Prostitutes to the Fisher Price radio my Mom Kidnapped, He lives upon Pelican lake . The Pelican Case dealer across from the  Bar right buy the nuclear Power upon Hancock Street had no cases Just a Woman and young Girl across from the Bar next exit Santiago road Better to go to MacDonald s?  Just before take off  Dad was called away from a plain that crashed killing Federal WAPA power directors. The Ca Nuclear Power plant town of King David  Next exits  Fields landing across the post office  Spring street and a Bituminous pit US and Deutsche Bank owned. MY  State Department ex girlfriend has been to Chair-Noble Russia nuclear disaster sight and she was upon thePetrozavodsk Russia  Duluth Sister City  comity with president Barbara Russin Petrozavodsk a  Plain crash kiled Russian Iranian Nuclear power design team. Nelson NZ  NMIT Marine Engineering Student housing about 30 of my roommates from India  worked shipping container or oil rig ships previously New-Zeal-and white prostitutes  living with us forced buy the Black Power Gang or prison Opus police friend the Pimp Afghanistan landlord Ague Black market and Shipping Women in containers The owner of the NMIT House listed upon the Opus safety certificate said Andrew and Cathleen Cunningham NSW 9 Nareen Parade Australia 2101 Then to  Picton NZ  Atlantis Backpackers, the Black Power gang prostitution the owners  were from USA Arlington VA and they kept saying give him to the Fonz, like the Movie Happy days All and Vera making Hamburgers out of people then at the Akora NZ Backpackers where they do Jade carving with the Meat market next door, Detained at NZ customs fore exporting Jade they ignore where it came from. State Department Subway sand witch people feeder Sandra Morgan  counseled 9-11 survivors & Ran the port authority building fore Red Cross while I lived at her house months later Building Best Buy Corporate fore Opus then became a Foreman at US Bank corporate office, are Job radios picked up the Airport tower communication's 7 months the 3 people running the JOB were in Vietnam together  close to where Congressman Well-stone's  plain took of from before it Crashed Well-stone apposed the Afghanistan war "Deceased senators election money built the Paul Well-stone Memorial project working fore Commercial Dry Wall i was assaulted and received a Mayo Clinic Traumatic Brain Injury the morning i droped Sandy off at the airport going to the State Department, then met Sandy's State  Department Jewish supervisor in a hotel she said i had ADD and had Sandy set up  ADD testing, the same knight Im assaulted again connected to Sandy Opus and my Grandpas State Farm' Stripper Opus Tonya Brooks molested from birth. Grandpa owned a State Farm Insurance agency next to Metlers strip club and the Library that lost funding his son molesting his daughter Vice President of Farmers Insurance next to Opus main office then sold Children s books, other son my God father owned Numerous Allstate agency's he married Patti Olingerseen Death around Girls  named Patti  she docent cook they eat out run the Show it seems Obvious my Parents Purpose to make Burger out of people and me AllstateGodFatherPatti. Molesting State farm  Grandpa  lived alone with Julie while she was in Hi school Then Aaron and secretary Julie takes over his State Farm office a move across from Franklin  grade school. Bring up Well-stones Murder in the  Fed Court brief mailed from MN next day Sitting next to Congressman Calvin Says secretary She was vice president of astro World Travel   later Calvin's webpages discussing the Death of Congressman Bob Nakasone who rapidly died of Cancer she lived next to the Union President. Defense Contractor at MSP Airport contractor Schum Drywall big game hunters also Owens the Strip Mall next to the Pine City Court house next to McDonald s, Without adding an extra truss Courtroom Sofits add 3000 pounds per truss Bought property from JD MC Sanitation with Same Superintendent 3DI owned buy= rebuilt Pentagon MCcourtsentworkers. Went to Maui to work fore US Bank, Custom Dry-Wall who Built the Other Wellstone Memorial Protect they have a Animal Museum in there office they provide Maui housing in Crossroads apartment  email spograce1@  Overlooking Famous Daves BBQ Da-vid They don't pay taxes and run prostitutes Cash overtime, HI.dol Denied or use Group Builders with 90% of the Work  tried to kill me twice  triple the cost of construction providing company vanes living expenses much overtime and  flew its employees to Honolulu every week where my Work partner got a prostitute every week supported buy the Hawaiian airlines. Alonzo drive us to work etc. The LaHina School Principal drove me to and from church while his Beautiful teacher tried to date me and showed up regularly. Across from Maui Tacos Daughters house Are Maui Landlord her Father did security fore the President her Boys provide bails of Marijuana and work maintenance at Weston resort. Frank sells marijuana next to the Lahine elementary school under the Banyan tree. My Maui  Military roommate at the same place  was a Valet Parker then moved across from the Buss station he sold me Marijuana. Right after HI  In MN wee drop my neighbors girlfriend surgery scheduler off at the Hospital next to the Capitol that Custom Drywall building the addition then to work with her boyfriend at 506 Summit Avenue at Garry Bowman's house he underwrites the Hospitals his daughter the Afghanistan Ambassador i slept with shes married to Alfonzo the Swiss banker her brother works Government over-site in DC they worked fore Wellstone Cathy Bowman showed me a Picture of the KKK and a Judge i be leaved to be  head 8th circuit judge Pasco Bowman = Grocery store pass,  two teachers house than the Principals house in a Jewish neighborhood than the grain Lobbyist who worked fore Senator All Franken MN State Fair with Bowman's Contractor. I contact the IRS and ask fore a W2 then Dispute Legally without response then The IRS says my MOM has power of Attorney and i gave it to her with the IRS I did not She sabotashes everything wont respond. Mom roommate worked at Bush Gardens Amusement park play kidnapping Girls. Mom the Vegetarian hung out at Hardese Burgers All day Next to West Hischool Where students hoked up in the Basement. Threw out the whole process SSI Clerks says I cant file Anything or see the Record it goes to my Mom  basically a Clerk took away Adams rites Cant File Cant See. Parents divorced when  Born in Military hospital, Dad  never payed child support,  Mom say God my Heavenly Father GOD Farther StanPattiallstateBurger Hands? GOVswap Mom the only not Black woman in her Nursing class picture. Fed Dad buy me a hot dog shirt and the only Black kid i always sleep next to pick upon me very much at the private school where i always was the first one to pick a treat fore sleeping picking the Biggest and only one of that kind. Asking MSP Information desk to speak with Airport administration about MSP Pilot, Super model police officer with perfect teeth arrest me taken where there killing people while  MOM Forges my signature drains  Bank account at the Branch next to Kato Engineering where  Step Dad Dutchman Built the Generator that blew up in the USA Battle ship in Yemen. Wells Fargo Stagecoach  Mail provider. Haven t had  my money fore 9 Months saying i have to go in a branch i do and they try to arrest me repeatedly so 7/25/13 I sued them, MCdonalds and Trivis Everywhere i go theirs Wells Fargo not much else. oscar.suris@... Head of Comunications Fagree and Benson changes To Fagre Baker Danels  .  ATM only worked in Santaender Banks in Chile Bank wants the Fee  MN MSP North West Airline pilot Sharon from Steamboat = North West Bank taken over buy Wells Fargo Step Dad Brother live behind Grandpa Airstrip like my Dads House there Mom moves across from the Church and State Farm Give them lots of Money and the Trailer trash Family become rich Military Dutchman kike me out at age 14 I run away and  and go to Sticky Vickeys some prostitute in Mankato read  diary she slept with 300 different men one year. long Buss ride home to drive buy the Girls houses etc. Wee rent a Farm house from Congressman Richard Wiggly who died of a heart attack while driving his tractor next to a empty Farm from Suicide" Wiggly farm and my Grandpas farm  buy Marlin Buses Farm Fest huge expo property first held daughter  Vickey Buss wee rode with Shadow first Black child in the LC school who took Girls and me  to Sticky Vicki's  Head of Farm fest the owners of the Bottle shop , Adult movie Store than the principles daughters Kelly Shook.  Pischner Grandpas neighboring farm my conspiring Teacher move to Mankato Buy the Cemetery & Doctors house two more mean teachers of mine stole  Grandpas papers. Neighbors Pet-mans set up to date  a future MacDonald military worker? Than he Work at fast food and get the Big breasted Indian women. Insurance companies next to Fast food enough in MAui to convince you. Much Best Buy Stock Pet-mans MSU College professor buy Marijuana from behind his house  at the other College workers house  across from Debby  laced with PCP LSD Harowin.  Next to Vikings  camp Age 16  Sleeping with Dorm leader  Booth her parents  Professors one Viking try to run me over and hit the Hardes median and another Viking got in corvet. Grandmas unclaimed farm buy MSU MN Vikings toss the Hotdog "Vickings camp & Dome next to MSP Ward" Family has around 200,000 acres Dad says he wants unregistered Handgun and a Month later my very Abusive Roommate Military Special forces & McDonald manager sold me one gave to Mom Special Fores MCdonald s Manager beat up Gay people  took of mask than helped them.  Dad's main office close to Columbine School shooting MN Union president threaten  saying Columbine, His WAPA SD office has like a 40 foot computer screen with controllers watching the Power grid or School Shootings the Other Military WAPA director docent have a hi-school degree yet can Nuclear process serve you. 12 miles from the power Hub station Grandpas farm.  Wicked mean Mcdonald s Cariors Fair-bolt Neighbors retired Police chief , 3M Medical and Marine Solder House = First hole golf corse before they Built his house Cheif shoot Window give me DUI fore walking dismissed Mexicans and a black man move into my sold house  Cat Generators Kato Engineering had moved next Dore Kato built many many  navy Generators. Flying Cloud Airport = 2 school bus Trips total in MN atending Emanuel  a Field trip With East Hi to Fort Smnelling Military Park connected to MSP Jessica and i went upon a Date Cr-amen the Only Black man in future  East class showed up threw Rocks at me Grade Up  only Black kid Dads a Cop Tyron Fagen & Jesica Becomes the Striper  dejavu.com  Kidnaping drop off. Dad upon Toast Master comity  he lived behind Lutheran Church are Neighbors son From Fair-bolt MN becomes a SD Police officer he steal Porn Magazines then the owner a Giant and has a six foot sward and wee demolish farm houses in-between my Grandpas Farm and the Power hub Grandpa say the Terry Redlin museum next door to the Power station a relative are Pastor Redlin then future Cop get South Dakota Boxing Champion and student sports owner Jeff Taylor have Vikings and Protection to run MacDonald show. Nuclear Tory's Jewish Wifes Mom  serves my school lunches her best friend wee  tear down the Family Barn around Viking MSU  With Hog farmer Richard Jefferey from Buford who one first prize at the state fair fore an Alvera plant  he drug my Marijuana with Cocaine and leave with a 15 year Old Girl. Barn wood goes to Famous Dave's BBQ & Jackson hole I live with Jefferies son in house rented from a  Judge, Jeff fries   Built Harrison Fords house  I worked fore the re-modelers. My Aunt named my Grandpas Dog Hitler she Mary Stewart Koch who designed the Star wars Missile defense system, His relieves the Allfrinks live buy Minneopa State park wear hemp  Marijuana grew naturally. Then she Mary  ABB worker he molests the kids, and get freaky upon Cocaine my stuff ABB Boxes from Kato Engineering First year out of Hi-school family help me get job =Jeanne Buck had a accounting degree and hired me at steamboat springs ski school and let me and a NASA astronaut stay at her House fore free. Sara Warden take 14 year Old Girls to the Steamboat food service workers employee housing. Pilot Sharron Finch leaves me alone in her house fore months with prepared food they go to Africa  teach the Denver Broncos professional foot ball  players with  husband Jim Finch  Get me a Job where Gram sells my Marijuana try to hook me up with a Girl from Hawaii.  Teaching mainly Jewish goup  living with them in Steamboat, Wal-den Colorado and Miami  Don Williams the former head heart surgeon of the USA currently a Professor at the University of Miami he worked at the MAYO clinic Rochester "MN Congressman'' Debby Ha-gen worked with Olympic divers at the University of Miami Deby had a Video of Olympic divers taken in her house she said pick one set up the date. Her daughter  age 13 repeatedly said she was going to be a congresswoman, in Law School when i spoke to her from Maui. Mathew Hagen ended up working fore TMC Movies where Former MN Governor Jessie Venture now works i be-leave. Ron Hagen owned dental offices then a Dental Lab in Costa Rica. Before  Miami supposed to go to San Francisco with  College Jew i teach skiing with. School teacher picks me up returning to Steamboat wee remotely ride horse overlooking the Accountants house Jeanne Buck. Debbie Ha-gen sister to Mary RIO from Cuba maybe the number one ranked diver who defected. Back from Miami the Jew Lexus gives me the keys to her house  much prepared food Distraught i Mary Yvonne Delluhunty from NewZeland. Lexus brother now in Army got the Doctor caught fore selling him Alcohol age 15 Police didn't arrest. With Ski School ID free drinks at Inferno bar from Bartender  PTEX Head Instructor towns the Alcohol store PTEX Buys kegs fore 15 year olds and arrested dismissed lost Melinda the DA .Working upon Movie star foot ball announcer Frank and Ca-thee Lee Gifford house then with PTEX singer Joe Cokers  = stock in the Mexican phone system all  workers stay at a bread and breakfast served beef Meat 3 times a day  First carpentry Job was the Steamboat DEA Drug Task force office buy Johnny B Goods then Job fore a couple of weeks,  till  excavator  borrows me to Build singer Reba Mackintires house. Borrow  future Steamboat spring ski school directors truck Immigration meting and unknowingly pick up a water heater full of Cocaine at the Denver Railroad  Adam & Yvonoe Landlord a prostitute run buy the DEA connected to Johny B Goods restaurant Built the DEA with a guy that worked where the DEA Prostitute cut hair buy the police the Feds survalence sense birth.   = A Union Foreman went to Promise keeps siting next to  Future work partner framer fore Billy Gram - Franklin gram TV hot dog religion Crystal she work modeling agency in New York an connects to my Car owner that 3 women killed etc, First car a relative gave me,  relative because he raped her in  outhouse Indian sell land.  Inglorious Bastards Movie  Nazi causing 9-11 follows this story   assaulted i Basement, Sandy's leg shot or broken when saw her last when Veterinarian left  a freezer full of prepared food.  Movie shows a Black man and white Woman burning down the Nazi Cinema. MN Supreme court Case didn't receive this case and fee Paying twice Receptionist say Capitols central mail rooms under the Supreme Court Martin Luther King Drive yet listed  Johnson Ireland AVE  State Department Anna & Sandy wee enter the Judaical Center Tunnels to Capitol with Russian Frank girls Were Governor Venture tell Joke how many Iowans dose it take to screw in a light bulb a Freshman course Published news paper. While in Federal Court Personal items berried upon my property from 2   McDonald's Janitors my neighbors "Fores" Hunt me Big time Point rifles hand guns drive in my Yard    His sister work  Court house brother JD Sanitation 5/4/13 Kehi Library security Gard Say he Would take to McDonald s his treat then  sitting next two MD employees a Priest and accountant Cherry contacting hunting me upon the Buss pull cords match MC.  Days before a Girl with a G_string Very  exposed twice i saw the Gard staring  5 inches exposed deliberately  Siting next to the Food land Grocery store Butcher staring talking about cooking like many others he sits buy Start me up sport fishing. leave  Big Mac Sandwich at LB security desk  don't see him all day, usually 10 times he knows the people around me  Woman says she knows me from Army taking pictures and I'm harassing her then  a 15 year old McDonald worker At the Jail bus stop a PrivAte Security Guard dressed Highway patrol man  ask  if she Intends to eat me Than a guy not riding that knight wanted to fight  he Previously talked about feeding people to Pigs   report this to Mall Security  Retired cop and the Hog Feeders Private securities "Buss" Brother. Police station a VW Bug car painted like the American flag $ Badge saying Process server  a White Mannequin Alien that looks skinned At MCDonalds with a Gun  rodneyh@...  drop something small of New Library Kehi security Guard  have to Aggressive push the Bathroom door out  to escape now the LaHina Library security work at the mall and follows  me  Maui airport fired cook . Roberts Buss & M e o  Bus Homeless shelter Kings Cathedral than Christan Science  across  from the other Library= about a foot away Cupie's Burgers building with State Farm agent Paul McDonald overlooking Sweet treats across from Youth power ministries.  Buy  Queen Ka'ahumanu Center  where Congressman Calvin say Secretary Asstro travel &  Armey poster with a Solder caring a Girl from a Yellow Medical tent resembling MacDonald s says McDonald  army recruiters says take one Big next to the Children s theater &  40 foot driving mall train  the same color's  as MacDonald s / Burger-king with large silver packs saying Wal___?  at Pet-co an American Flag upside down with Army & Marine stickers with Yellow writing Army Uniforms patch with Flags surrounded in Yellow Matching Burger King California High School Web directories  ALL at the top or some reference at the Bottom wood Cary Groups of 3 graham@... Kitchen staff IT-Gram E-mail Blast = J. Fred Sparke PTAny   Vail Cafeteria manager EMILY.SACK@... 
      Steamboat@macranch.com Durango@... Onley2 macranch@macdonaldsranch.com = Scotsdale =Stan Patti Allstate
      In NZ Kari and Samey in there Kari Wood boats, MN Kari Burger Asembelies of GOD take 14 year old girls to Vikings and College Boys,  Kari Lang "now Sack and an Anesthesiologist in River ton WY" My dentist daughter Aaron  Wal ton then Librarian and  Navy Family? Greg Wal ker from Sticky Vickie's  had a Sport Motorcycle painted like McDonald and was taking Girls to Hyvee grocery store Meat market.  Classmate Paul Peterson spray painted Jesus was a Negro Paul has his own house All threw Hi-school across from Park & Kato Engineering Dwain Beaver Then Greg Walker and Dwain move across from each side of a different park he Carved the Indian Statue at the Library the Largest mass US Indian hanging 38 Kato engineering group set up my dates from Hischool to Sandy at the State Park Sandy & Kato E
      Janitor around during East construction give  keys to the Tunnels under the school hatch in Girls bathroom to Kidnap  my  Aunt Liberian Info-tech than teacher aunt Cindy Pis-honer  family owned the meat processing    best man in there wedding Ne-ace and nephew sleep together Her Meat Market Friend Mary the Neighboring farmer so the Meat Market Prostitutes take all Fed Land  Farmed  temper  divorce. Given  Coca Cola at UCSB wake up 14 hours later not remembering being arrested or 14 horse   cars During 911 call Kari walks in and says who stole my car , what drug they used, recorded 911  Police  kick me off UCSB property fore reporting it Cant work Police follow me At the First SSI= Social Security doctors visit Allstate Insurgency  6 inches from the doctors office shared a wall then Allstate across the Street  in SLO SSI office Allstate Next building. "  Mom  a Vegetarian like the Dorings who have one Black Child=  they live upon Carney avenue with my MCdonalds girlfriends etc. Doring daughter Jean-uh  Burger Carior Graphic designer marred to Adam Disney military buy house then Strip club move next Dore, Buy Famous meat market very small town. Lisa Doring serve my Emanuel Misery sinet School lunches same sinet in VA. Owning Huge Coffee farm my Bowman's Work partner worked fore the MN phone companies owner house his brother lived where no employs can have children  in Aspen.  Dad said Phone picked up certain Words. Kidnappers went to School in USA no finish, Joseph enters Mexico without Money they stay at my house a week and Joseph sleeps all day Witness to Joseph mugging Louise brings  prostitute  apartment because Burt Lyman Verizon Wireless directors Getting 12 year old  prostitutes Lyman manages the Verizon Wireless civic center next to My Grandpas State Farm office next to the stip club Social Security officesfilled a complain request with Lyman's SSI building before Mexico Lymans married the Sheriffs farmed daughter.  Lyman lived next to a field my uncle owns overlooking PCA where  Grandpa Pishoner foreclosed upon the Farms and Sold many Farm's during the farm Crises. Lyman's pimp talked to his Girl friend every day she worked the Denver Colorado heart surgery team. the Rental companies neighbor wore State Farm T shirts while my neighbor worked fore cemex  concrete soon he disappeared while Doctor lived bellow collected 500 pesos f Utilities yet the Bill came in Jesus Rodriguez name "Manzana" Humboldt  CA a Woman whose son sold Drugs in  Hawaii Military drug my Marijuana with a Federal Prison released. To Ventureuh State  Prostitute causing problems  Rangers give ticket  cutting  Tree branch dismissed without Documentation no  direct email and Private security Trees  ocean Santabarbara to LA from NZ I own wood to Church Parsonage German Uncles house reclaimed wood"  Rolling can of meat Berger-son Library elevator a block from  the Pategona store connect the Churches symbols or street names,  across houses lion symbol Like theirs a Camp Snoopy Peanuts caterer of Peppermint Patty that says Judge Brown PCL Mall of America Camp Snoopy Contractor next to UCSB airport Maui Ritz Same contractor Pentagon Custom drywall etc. Patigona originally from Ventura CA, Patigona MN store At Berger-son Libeary next to  Children's theater  theirs a statue of a girl with what looks like a Alvera  plant going up her skirt with Lorrie Swanson MN attorney General name close  Law-school pictures Land taken. My Airport buss driver Uncle drafted into Vietnam served in Germany bellow his house an apple orchard & Concrete recycling plant  just closed  irrigating  an area they don't irrigate other than Bad Concrete   Complete  Airline ticket t and Wells Fargo Pop up window says transaction failed  3 times, in Chile a flight was booked and Give Sky-airlines my passport with the Black cover and leopard trim, Money fell out sitting next to a super model with Bracelet that matches my Passport covers Leopard trim she rubs my leg 7 times and meats me at Baggage dont Talk. buss seat covers and drapes match the Lemon yellow color upon Ski airlines Arrive in Chile Chi-co seing the kidnappers in the hills trying to go to Cocharaine knew Solomon gortex boots leek bad, in Perto Aisen Buss ticket ? Front Hostel 3 Alvera plant just outside my door, don't see more a Buss something and Pategona store about a block Away they have Vast pressed meat departments in Chile many Dogs. I build Best Buy fore OPUS than my best friend I beleave Killing people the Pimp Whose Mom's a Nurse and his  Dad was in the Navy does graphic design BB Cooperate Office than Sandy's daughters child father takes over my MC Caring friends  Best buy MAC Job I be-leave he Killed Paul Antinich in Hi-school ruining the girls sandy daughter with him before hes taken then she becomes the Drugging fancy bartender. Sandy counsels her daughter kills while other Wells Fargo daughter said she wouldn't eat at subway becuse of what they substituted fore meat People Step Mom Subway Family Why MCdonalds workers pointing Guns at me I Sued the US Court  and started hearing GOD Loves you like 99% of the responses So only should say GOD Loves you, 9th Circuit dismissed Hatti t  earthquake maybe  same day. Bible Bee eye be le Bibleotech The UCSB Elevator used to go to the 4th floor they put in a dumb waiter in the 3rd and 4th "same size" 2nd floor Still a 4 where = a Girl sitting next to my computer,  left and went to Bible study at the UCSB chem lab lecture hall, she was the worship leader who asked  if i was student or staff, the person next to me asked the same thing before he went to tshirt sign up Then just after UCSB Chem Bible study  everything went black and i couldn't think fore myself all i could think or was hear GOD  h___ You then heard GOD Loves you and came back keeping them responding to GOD Loves you. Imagin all you can say G H U or GOD has never  Loved a black Place without reproduction Or GOD loves you compleatly in a ARCWomb little Bellow GOD Loves you provides that Existence  I be-leave wee are destroying the way Above and bellow while You Nuke and GOV destroys themselves? Mexico Fed pimp drugged  to the Apple Farmers with one producing tree and told them how to Graft then the  LORD whoes White took over then Care took   me to Juliet OH NO ADAM WEE NEVER DROP AN APPLE concern whose drugging the Apples they chant MN Germany? Then  Picked up a New Juliet in Christ Church NZ airport turn around She onley say I Am V e r y ha pe to be with you Adam GOD Loves you, in Santa Barbara, Barbara killed Juliet and Care and wee laid them to rest where the  12 twelve foot round Alvera bush was across from the worship leaders house they removed now whenever i think of them, i here like Care or Julet Manzana Dead GOD Loves you. Barbara last knight in CA are Campground Neighbors say There relatives signed the USA constitution and currently Relatives upon B rock Bomb uh staff they said Jesus was Black and tell a Joke SanAndreas whose Fault is that. fault is that then Cary Barbara  responding to GOD Loves you than MSP Airport arrests me to Doctor Warmonger real name" The Lawyer and his wife head Nurse boath went to NMIT Nelson NZ  Wee laid Barbara to rest ward Halloween= L M N O P Barbara. A B C d z= sea ocean? Give you a why o you wheres the neon. And started saying GOD Loves Shuntay Contay Seantay and Adam and hear Wee will not stay Adam GOD Loves you wee will not leave Adam GOD Loves you wee will not Go Adam GOD Loves all day. They sometimes say Wee wood L I K e that Adam GOD L o v e s you going where you think no spelling. Then Picked up a Juliet from San Carlos Debellarouch Argentina She onley says I am ha_pe to be with you Adam God Lo ves you "Bright and chearful  Happines " In Maui Juliet  said I   L I K e it here Adam GOD Loves you The relationship's Like saying GOD Thank-you Forgive show us how to praise and LOVE GOD. So explaining or understanding or reading this its not Ideal be yourself in GOD its what Jesus said when I spoke with him Last at the store i eventually Bought my Pelican Case. In Chile given a 8 Ball key chain "Cocaine" then A Marijuana key chain my pillow said Armada DE Chile Navy Hospital and others say 60x53x10 ship seat Norfolk CPOS I go to Kindergarten in Norfolk VA I be-leave The Buss 5/7/13 Had a eight Ball without the eight I mentioned cocaine he siad its an eye= severed 8 Dine litle indians. Grandpas last name Pischner = First page of some Bible Guard the E-den  and the Pishon river Buy Cow M P 3 player Mac in Touch take a Safari  MSP airport says to file a Mac complaint at @mspmac.com  ABC Alliance built insured Auschwitz concentration Alliance owns 29 airlines headquartered in Frankfort Germaney  Quoting the Bible  "Gave them Fores fieleld of Blood Jesus Pilot reported  he only said it is as s you say Hair-rid killed the Babies" or Prsidents wife Babrbara Bush. The Bowman  went to Africa and said same driver as Bill gates the future strippers and Ruff group sit next to the Snack counter.  Wee come from the Land of the Chippewa spring wee come from the neon valley Let Heaven and nature Sing. B a p test Cat ho lic.    Law Color of Law The only remaining little Black Sambo's Restaurant, in Santa Barbara, California (2005) NewellBohnett Wee eat there In Mankato Can Abraham Lincon and OBamah free  slaves feeding them to People. Enjoy Dinner at Ju icy Burger in Ballston Spa and Support the Class of 201 The Fresh man of the Class 2016 will hold a fundraiser from 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday, May 19, at the Juicy Burger. Last  MN Union Job Brunswick bowling buy the Becker and Monticello nuclear plants was with  Hunting drugging Arlington VA Cemetery Honor guard from Pipe stone MN. 
      www.bbgardens.org/benefits to learn more about your ...... TriVis Inc. WachoviaWells 

      Fargo Foundation. Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Bainbridge Birmingham AL 35209; TRIVIS, INC.... Wells 
      Fargo first USA Mail carious Stagecoach  oracle  Trivis beehive Adam Files Second Lawsuit in two weeks 8/6/13 Durango Drive threw 3 times & call 8/6/13 =  Court refuses Wells Fargo Check fore 2.75$ Forms Go Inside Crystal Call Durango Police  Indian & Small Pock Face Police Durango show up at Wells Fargo  next to Silverton Durango Pasenger Train parking lot& Depot Inches from  Mcdonalds . State Farms Next To Durango Court,  Science Church. Steamboat CEO Vern Greco 1993  take over Durango Resort. Boulder Wells Fargo Across Court House  Pearl st Patigona MC Colers train #8 Library  Yellow Red MC Windmeal and security gard with GUN, Aron Brocovich Steamboat Springs Jew Skinstructor Boulder CU College Id cut off Rejectted  same form rejected months later not Noterized without me signing and Dating complaning = Marijuana Med Doctors receptionest Answears Phone Farmers Inshurance. 
      Wont Respond to Notery sos.state.co.us & to determin Registered Agent to Serve Mcdonalds Humane Servicses Librarian cant find Registered Agent. Couldent sue 8/6/13 first 2.75 Form Durango Agresivly mean Sherif next to Clerk Counter say go without Form.  
      Argentena Juliet Once? 2 Other Ways 100% it is as you say
      Wells Fargo Manager Crystal say Adam say something Ofencive whie in Chile Pasport stamp I show  oficer they say Lack Jursdiction fore mankato & Hanging Town say to go to Police where im at rite now i did in Durando Hawaii Vail &Avon onley Hawai File Police asist.
      Next to Hawaai College students House a 7 foot PVC Cross Outside my Room 780? Kaoo Circle  wher  romates Mother Workted Fed Post ofice My romate Husband Religion Radio & Landscaper are Multipul House owning Maui Lanlord colected carts at the Safeway Grocery Store. Durango Police say I cant go in Any Wells Fargo Branch taking jurisdiction hole USA. While Wells Fargo 800 Say Just not Durango Branch  PD refuse report or Documentation to Just Me? I Go to Durango smaller court HR help 2 times that day she go with me to Police station across the Street I call # next to Police window she go behind  Locked door with Oficer came out and left. Jurisdidiction Colorado I opened a acount with 30K with Just my name and tried to Withdraw my money and there was a Stong Hold and my cards dident work Wells Fargo . I owe around 700 downloading Court documents that the Pac er Instructions say Free Credit Card Required to Open New Acount at Bank that can Rob FDIC IRS Nuke Sold
      Denver Alfred A Arraj Federal Court House Next to the Old Court House Mail Room 20 Years ago asking the Denver Post Man.
      Mom Recently Closed are Joint WF Acount and Stole my Money while im in Durango say to contact Mom to get my Money she Stole while im in Durango so Poc Face MC Cop drive buy me 8/7/13. 

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