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Re: [rawpaleodiet] Where to buy 1/4th, 1/2, whole cows

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  • Vicki Satta
    ... post some FREE ads on craigslist WANTED or FARMS AND GARDENS... Ask and they will show up. Contact your FL Ag Dept. Do you have cattle or goats, lambs,
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 13, 2012
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      On Apr 13, 2012, at 6:33 PM, alexanderdcampano@... wrote:

      > Hey everyone. I live in south florida, but I want to purchase a lot of beef at a good price. Any suggestions on where some local farms are?
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      post some FREE ads on craigslist WANTED or FARMS AND GARDENS...

      Ask and they will show up.

      Contact your FL Ag Dept.

      Do you have cattle or goats, lambs, alpaca, farms/ranches in FL? You can ALWAYS move to CO... our rancher has GF everything for 2-3.15 a pound!

      4-H kids raise rabbits and cows sometimes.

      Must be local and prices are high right now. But try everything.

      Vicki (and good luck to you!)
    • geoffp0115
      Hi, healthy-food lovers, This should be my last visit to this subject. Some people thought that I went to law enforcement without trying to resolve the
      Message 2 of 3 , May 4, 2012
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        "Hi, healthy-food lovers,
        This should be my last visit to this subject. Some people thought that I went to law enforcement without trying to resolve the Rawesome problem of Palmer and Stewart supplying commercial food to members. What resulted from trying to resolve the matter directly with Stewart and Palmer, I was banned from Rawesome, the food club that I had as much a part in building as James Stewart. I was not the only one banned. The couple who had food tested because their daughter had high levels of contaminants in her body, the same ones as tested high in the foods Palmer provided and Larry Otting, the man that made it possible to purchase the land were banned.

        I took it to the members. I sent notice to over 1,500 of the 1900 members; I did not have all of their email addresses. Only 22 members came to view the evidence. Six of them were angry at me because they believed Stewart and Palmer's lies. Palmer told them and they believed that all 5 of the past employees who had worked for her and testified against her were "disgruntled employees." Common sense alone would force a reasonable person to ask, how could Palmer have made that many employees disgruntled. If you read the testimony, you will see that they were disgruntled because she was deceiving Rawesome members and farmers' market shoppers. As long as they continued working for her, they were complicit in the deceit. Those employees could not live with their consciences and continue with Palmer's deceit. They stated that Palmer continually promised them that she would make everything right soon but never did. Each of them gave her at least 5 months to resolve the issue, cumulatively 2 years.

        When Rawesome was started in 1999, all of its members were my patients. As our food club grew, I made sure that our main suppliers were growing food the way that I knew best, that is, bio-eco-organic, which is much better than organic. About 2005, when I received my doctorate, Stewart began carrying products that were not truly raw and not sanctioned by me. When I told him they were not raw, he stated that I did not know what I was talking about. He said he had called the suppliers and they reassured him they were raw. I had to contact the producing companies in writing one by one and ask specific questions about processing and temperatures. When I presented the information that they were not truly raw to James, he posted a sign that stated the temperatures at which the food had been processed. He did not send a memo to members stating that he was sorry he had misled them for months.

        At another time, he had someone press oils from flax, sunflower and sesame seeds. When I discovered that, I contested that those oils could not be commercially pressed raw. The mere pressing of them in commercial steel machines would bring the temperature above 96 degrees F. He stated his machine was small and did not heat above 110 F. James had a heat-gun and assured me that he had tested the oils himself and they were under 110 F. For me, 96 F. for oils is the point where oils are negatively affected. Because of my constant travel, I was unable to be there on the 2 or 3 days each month that those seeds were "cold-pressed".

        Several months later when I had a respite in travel, I made certain that I was at Rawesome for the seed-pressings, for about 5 hours. ALL of the oils were coming out of the last area of the machine anywhere from 113-168 F. That was way above the 96 F. that I considered truly raw, and way above the 110 F. that James declared he had measured. The problem with James' heat-tests was that he pointed the heat-gun at the center of the pressing process and not at the end where the heat is the highest.

        I knew that in industrial machines, the longer the constant pressing the more the heat rose. So, I remained to watch and test. On James' small oil-pressing machine, the heat rose up to 182 F. in the flax oil. The machine had to be cooled after so many minutes of pressing to reduce the temperature of flax to about 142 F. We discovered that only the sunflower seeds would press at about 96 F. after the first 4 ounces of pressing. The bottle of the first 4 ounces of sunflower oil was up to 118 F. and was supposed to be labeled at that temperature and sold at a lower price.

        Those accounts of food quality demonstrate that James does not have a clue about how to judge or discover whether a food is truly raw and of good quality. I reiterate, James is not a food protector but a food peddler and does not deserve the accolades of quality food provider.

        I only testified to law-enforcement about the Palmer and Stewart food fraud at the farm. All of the other charges stemmed from Palmer's abuse of the farm for which she was entrusted to take care. Palmer is a tenant of the farm, not the legal owner. She burned down the historical barn and built many structures without permits. She caused about 15 building and safety violations for which Larry Otting was responsible because he is legal owner of the property and responsible for all actions performed on the property.

        On many occasions, the District Attorneys office threatened to fine and jail Mr. Otting if the violations were not resolved. To date the fines have exceeding $120,000 and continue to increase by $200 daily. Palmer will not correct the violations and continued to build without permits. She refused to allow Otting on the property to correct the violations. Palmer put Otting between a rock and a hard place with the government. Mr. Otting took the matter to the court many times to resolve violations at great time and expense to himself. including legal fees. Because the tenant laws are so strict in California and Palmer's many false promises to the court, nothing has been resolved. Otting was forced to plead to some charges and stay out of jail. Palmer created that by her willful violations. She still has not resolved the violations.

        Again, she is merely a tenant on the land and not the owner of the farm. The investors are the owners of the farm. The farm is not hers and never was. She acquired money for her activities on the property by defrauding investors. She forged deeds falsifying that the land was in her name so that investors would give her money directly. Then she deposited the moneys in Mr. Otting's account for the property thereby involving Otting in the security fraud. Mr. Otting decided to plead guilty and not face trial and probable jail time for Palmer's fraud.

        It astounds me that Palmer is able to seduce people into her web of corruption. It appears that she wants everyone to buy the farm for her and that she thinks everybody owes that to her. I believe that attitude is inflated self worth when you consider that she defrauded and poisoned the members with commercial food for over 2 years while charging premium prices. Stewart and Palmer are responsible for all of the charges against them and the farm. I nor Larry Otting are responsible for any of their behavior and legal actions.

        I hope that all of the issues regarding Rawesome, Stewart, Palmer, Otting and I are now understood. I have spent so much time on this treachery and would like to move on to better people and healthy experiences.

        healthfully and appreciatively,
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