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  • Dr. S.S. Dhillon
    AMERICA S WEIGHT PROBLEM The medical community, the scientific community, the psychologists, have all given many expert solutions to America s Weight Problems.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2004

      The medical community, the scientific community, the psychologists,
      have all given many expert solutions to America's Weight
      Problems. But none seem to be working. In the last three decades,
      the number of overweight young Americans has tripled, with no sign
      the trend is abating. The latest estimates for American adults
      indicates that more than half of American adults (about two-third)
      are overweight.

      According to Obesity Research journal (January, 2004), obesity did
      cost the United States about $75 billion in 2003. Taxpayers footed
      about half the bill through Medicare and Medicaid programs, costing
      each up to $200 per taxpayer. Obesity contributes to a number of
      chronic medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes,
      cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer and osteoarthritis.
      It's very clear: Obesity is increasing and we have all the
      diseases that are associated with it . .

      Genetics, while important, is just one piece of a larger
      physiological and psychological puzzle. The other piece of puzzle is
      low physical activity but high consumption of high calorie foods.
      Our lives have become sedentary, with more hours spent in front of a
      television or computer than at play or doing physically exerting
      work. We are used to the convenience of processed foods.

      Although we have not been able to abate the weight problem, but we
      have learned what is good for us to control weight. We have learnt
      that dieting does not work. We're conscious about eating more
      healthfully. We're choosing low-calorie and reduced-fat foods and
      beverages. We're paying attention to nutrition labels. However, we
      are still not exercising enough. We "snack too much," "eat too many
      high-fat foods," "too often binge on favorite foods," "often overeat
      at meal-times" and "often eat for emotional reasons."

      Now low carbs (carbohydrates) ads are popping up, and sale for
      breads is going down. We are puzzled. Until miracle happens follow
      common sense approach to take a walk, and add more fruits and
      vegetables in your diet. Pick up a good book, if you don't have
      any yet. For quick start you can try this downloadable edition that
      provides all the solutions that nutrition can provide to control
      weight and to treat common health problems ("A NEW LOOK AT
      VEGETARIANISM: It's positive Effects on Health and Disease

      We want to draw your attention to another reason that may be adding
      to our weight problem. See for yourself, if it makes any sense:

      The animals raised for food are made to grow faster and bigger in
      modern farms. Of all the antibiotics administered in the US to
      people or farm animals, farm animals receive over 95% of them--not
      so much to treat infection, but to make the animals grow faster on
      less feed. Some of these chemicals are likely to end up with those
      who eat meat of these animals.

      Factory-farmed animals contain as much as 30 times more saturated
      fat than yesterday's free-range, pasture-raised animals. About 98%
      of all milk in the US is produced using factory methods. Part of
      factory life for a cow includes dangerous levels of drugs
      administered to boost milk output. Due to selective breeding, cows
      already produce at least two and a half times the amount of milk of
      yesterday's pastured counterpart. Then, as of February, 1994,
      farmers were given the go-ahead to use the genetically engineered
      hormone Bovine Somatotropin (BST) on their herds. Designed to boost
      milk output by an additional 15 percent, milk per cow statistics are
      already showing the effects nationwide. Fattier animal meat
      consumption or drug administered high milk yield means fattier

      The number of chickens raised worldwide for human consumption is
      over 17.2 billion. Chicken feed is routinely laced with
      antibiotics, sulfa drugs and other chemical substances. Only by
      maintaining the birds on drugs, a practice which began about mid-
      twentieth century, is agribusiness allowed the luxury and efficiency
      of massive flocks and intensive confinement. Today's medicated feed
      also pumps out market weight birds in half the time from two-thirds
      the feed of 50 years ago. Why should it surprise, if part of these
      chemicals in meat consumption affect human growth and weight leading
      to modern day weight problems!

      Becoming a vegetarian is the most sensible way to handle the weight
      problem till we find a miraculously better way.

      dr. DLN

      This information is taken from a book "A NEW LOOK AT VEGETARIANISM:
      It's positive Effects on Health and Disease Control."

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