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  • Miko (Kobasigawa) Nelson
    ... end of Dec. No weight has come off. Any ideas? I don t eat much in nuts or fatty foods. I do have a avocado on occasion, when I can find them. I am
    Message 1 of 66 , Feb 1, 2004
      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, cindy laughlin
      <rosepetalsandcats@y...> wrote:

      > Myself, I need to loose weight. I have been mostly raw since the
      end of Dec. No weight has come off. Any ideas? I don't eat much
      in nuts or fatty foods. I do have a avocado on occasion, when I can
      find them. I am also having a challenge digesting salads. Does
      anyone have any recommendations as to the best enzymes. They exit
      looking like they went in. Lately, I am not digesting fat either.
      It leaves an oil slick. Can I purchase extra amalyase enzymes

      Hey, Cindy:

      Read Patenaude, Gruben, Nison to name a few gurus out there. This is
      my opinion: choose one and follow them. Consult with them. Pay for
      it as you are guiding your daughters. There are differing points of
      view here and I would not give us here the last word on any subject.
      Give them the last word. I say this because I'd encourage you to
      adjust your diet and/or lifestyle rather than to take enzymes, but
      others in this forum may come back with another viewpoint. The above
      named people (and I can give you more) do not believe you need to
      take anything unless you have an obvious imbalance that affects your
      existence. On a raw diet, enzymes will cause imbalances and call
      upon your body's reserves to process them. They act as stimulants.
      The best enzymes are already in your fruits and vegetables. Sleep
      enough. Walk every day. Deep breathe. Nudge your colon with your
      hands to increase digestive functions. Make sure you are going to
      the bathroom properly/eliminating completely (know the
      optimum "pooping" position). If you are not familiar with some of
      this stuff, do some research. Read through the archives; plug in
      your keywords and see what others know about them. There are more
      ways to work for your health than to buy some extra thing that will
      interfere with letting the raw food do its job. It's a gradual
      process to get the insides working like they should.

      Now, something practical: If you have trouble digesting salads, take
      a look at what you are creating. Is it a gourmet salad? Keep it
      simple. Try decreasing the number of ingredients until you feel like
      you are tolerating them. Condiments? Decrease the volume of these.
      Maybe decrease the entire volume of salad. Make your first course
      several helpings of one type of fruit, then eat a smaller salad.
      Also, if you are having any fruit at all AFTER the salad, there's
      one reason for gastritis. Never fruit after salad. Continue to
      troubleshoot, read and adjust. I would not assume you are eating
      properly and you body just doesn't know how to accept the food. I
      would trust your body is saying something needs to be adjusted about
      food that is taken in, or that you need more physical activity,
      sunlight, sleep, etc. Take on the challenge with each of these
      problems that you want solved to find the most natural solution
      possible. Enzymes are not a whole, fresh food solution, and merely
      one choice among many, many others.

      It is important that you are trying to address all these things. You
      will get the answers. Keep probing us and, especially, the books.

    • Howard Huey
      FRIEND JUST TOLD ME TO-day THAT he has be using a ionic tooth brush that supose to remove over 50% of the plaque w/o toothpaste. It was brough at a health
      Message 66 of 66 , Feb 7, 2004
        FRIEND JUST TOLD ME TO-day THAT he has be using a ionic tooth brush that supose to remove over 50% of the plaque w/o toothpaste. It was brough at a health show. The distributor has a website http://www.ionictoothbrush.com/ . .
        As for organic tooth paste and Shampoo The e-excel company (an American co.) sells prododcts made from organic whole foods. Visit www.eexcel.net to see the products. The products are distrbuted through distributors. If you live in the Toronto ON area or can call cheap long distance, call Gita Patel 416-271-3999. Since she is very knowledgable , she can direct you to the right product. If long distance is expensive, e-mail to me and I will help you to get the info for right product for you.

        "Miko (Kobasigawa) Nelson" <miko_nelson@...> wrote:
        --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, bandbcollection <no_reply@y...>

        > 1. What are the quick, easy foods to eat to become raw and
        > healthy? I need some tips on what to get besides bananas,
        oranges,celery, and raw nuts.

        Great advice will come in those 2 books you ordered. The easiest
        thing to do is to get a bag of any one type of organic fruit and eat
        it all or as much as you want. The Raw Secrets book will go into
        detail about "snake method" eating and why this is easiest and

        > 2. Does anyone have a recipe for raw crackers or things I can make
        > as snacks for going to and from classes at night. I drive an hour
        > each way and don't want to be tempted with fast food places.

        Again, your 12 Steps to Raw Foods book has a great recipe for
        crackers. However, if you just fill up on these (flax), your fat
        ratio will be way off, so, a bag of apples/bananas and a plastic bag
        for the cores/skins will be helpful. By the time you get home,
        you'll be ready for your greens/nonsweet fruits (food combining
        rules say fruit first, short break then veggies)if you so desire.

        > 3. What do you all wash your hair/body with?

        I heard about a nutritionist here in town, 8 years raw, weaned off
        shampoos. The scalp learns to need shampoo, so, initially your hair
        will be disastrous looking. What he did was wash with honey until
        his scalp adjusted. Now he just uses water and it's fine. Me, I put
        coconut oil in it, wait, then rinse it out with a bottle made up of
        a bit of Jason's (70% organic and no shampoo and virgin coconut oil
        together. I have long hair and it's much nicer since I started using
        coconut oil. I needed something to do with all the extra bottles of
        purchased, then decided not to consume and this was the result. I
        wish I could go shampooless but feel unable to do so. Oh, and I use
        the mixture sparingly for my body. My daughter uses no shampoo at
        all. We also have skin brushes. You can dry brush before you shower.

        I am interested in others ideas about this subject. I brush my teeth
        with a baking soda/coconut oil mixture and use an Interjet
        beforehand. When the coconut oil runs out, I'll just use baking soda
        for my teeth.


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