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A Gourmet Foods Class from a True Expert

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    I thought you d like to read an e-mail I received about Chef Jackie Graff: In a message dated 11/30/2003 7:03:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, owaters@mail.com
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      I thought you'd like to read an e-mail I received about Chef Jackie Graff:

      In a message dated 11/30/2003 7:03:14 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      owaters@... writes:
      I wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful experience I had
      recently, learning from Jackie Graff at a raw foods class that Owen and I
      went to in Atlanta just before Thanksgiving. In the class, Jackie presented
      raw food recipes for a Thanksgiving Feast.

      It was fantastic! For the typical raw food substitute for turkey, she
      created nutloaf "Noasted Nurkey," ringed with a sprouted wild rice
      dressing. She also converted many other traditional dishes to gourmet
      raw, including mushroom gravy, squash casserole, cranberry orange
      sauce and sweet potato casserole. We truly had a feast!

      The reason I'm writing is because all the recipes are really good!
      Last Christmas, I threw away some recipes I made because they were
      just awful, even though they were from recognized chefs. I was so
      excited to find the really good food that was beautifully presented at
      Jackie's class! All of her dishes were highly impressive, no doubt
      because of her extensive background. Many years ago, she was a gourmet
      chef who then became a gourmet vegetarian chef and later on a gourmet
      raw foods chef. Each time she moved on to a new cuisine, she
      translated her skills and experience in the art and science of food

      As you may know, when Owen and I started on raw foods we trained for 10
      full days at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, where we learned
      many gourmet recipes and how to prepare and present them. We have also
      eaten at many raw food restaurants in Atlanta and New York City. So.
      when I say this is really good food you can believe it, because I have
      tasted a lot of chefs' creations by comparison.

      Jackie Graff will be teaching right here in Sarasota this weekend, so
      anyone here can easily and conveniently learn from this outstanding
      leader in the raw foods movement. You don't want to miss this
      opportunity to taste truly gourmet raw food and increase your own
      culinary skills!

      Dreama Vance
      For more information about the workshops Jackie and Gideon Graff will teach
      on December 6 and 7 in Sarasota, call Gideon Graff at 770-992-9218 or visit
      rawfoodsnews.com and look under "breaking news" near the top of the home page.

      The workshops, along with a free talk by Jackie and Gideon Graff on Friday,
      Dec. 5, are being sponsored by Natural Awakenings Sarasota magazine
      (nasarasota.com) and Raw Foods News (rawfoodsnews.com), an online magazine celebrating
      the raw vegan lifestyle since March of 2001.

      Judy Pokras
      An online newsmagazine featuring authoritative info, breaking news, and fun
      interactive features on the raw vegan lifestyle. * Rated Number 1 in the
      Webseed Directory's most interesting sites list, based on how many articles a
      person looks at in any one visit.
      * Recommended by Writer's Digest, EnergyTimes, The Vegan Guide to NYC, the
      Japanese magazine Engine, and the national radio program Carolyn Craft's Inner

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