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  • Elizabeth Pagos
    Hello! I was wondering if freezing food destroys nutrients in the same way that cooking does. I know of a lot of raw recipes that call for frozen bananas
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003

      I was wondering if freezing food destroys nutrients in the same way that
      cooking does. I know of a lot of "raw" recipes that call for frozen bananas
      and whatnot, and also the sprouted bread at my supermarket is stored in the
      freezers. Is this doing more harm than good? Should I feel ok eating these


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      Subject: [Raw Food] raw day or not raw day--that is the question!
      Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 12:10:24 -0400

      I don't decide or not decide to have a raw day until either dinner time or
      after I eat my large dinner salad. I then think if I feel like I want
      something cooked or not. Usually it will be something like corn on the cob
      or a potato or beans & rice, etc. Sometimes after eating my salad, it
      doesn't cross my mind to eat anything else (cooked or uncooked).

      But I always make note of the time I finish eating. Then I know that I can
      start eating fruit 3 hours from that time. If after eating fruit, I feel
      like I need something more substantial, or if I know I haven't eaten much in
      the way of protein, I will have some nuts.

      Every two weeks I go to the doctor to have a spinal manipulation. That is
      the only time I get weighed as I know getting on the scale every day really
      does more harm than good (for me, as least). Each week, I start wondering
      if maybe I'm eating too much dried fruit or nuts and wonder if my weight
      will either be the same or up some when I go to get weighed the next time.
      So far, the number on the scale continues to go down. When it starts to
      stabilize, I will start rethinking my eating routine.

      At the begining, I let myself be hungry much more. Now, I just keep eating
      fruit if I'm hungry, unless it has been less than 3 hours since my last
      non-fruit meal. This is surely and informative adventure for me. I'm
      looking forward to the two books I just ordered. 12 Steps To Raw and The
      Sunfood Diet Success System.

      I know there is so much more to learn than I have already. As I said...this
      is an adventure. I am enjoying my new lifestyle even though it sure can
      seem strange when around others and their eating lifestyles which differ so
      much from mine. One has to learn what to say and not to say around them to
      keeping my eating lifestyle from being the main group focus. I am not
      adverse to sharing with others, but I will do that on a one-by-one basis and
      only if someone initiates the subject.

      I do hope to start incorporating more raw food and vegan eating information
      at my Exercise Your Willpower website. Since I don't feel like I have to
      exercise any willpower anymore, maybe I'll add a section regarding Willpower
      Not Needed and start putting the information there. What do you think?


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