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Re: [Raw Food] upside down pyramid diet

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  • Tiffany
    Makes sense to me...we all do need historical convictions to rationalize our dedication to a more healthful way of eating amongst ingnorant haters who
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      Makes sense to me...we all do need historical convictions to rationalize our dedication to a more healthful way of eating amongst ingnorant haters who comprise the majority of our society.
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      Subject: [Raw Food] upside down pyramid diet
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      Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 10:04 AM

      When I started the upside down pyramid diet, I had to have a model for man's evolutionary diet.
      I have changed my model since my initial assessment. It now appears much different after I have read so much about it. I used to think we were kicked out of the "garden of eating" almost a million years ago and that we started cooking our food maybe a quarter of a million years ago.

      But I have changed my mind. I now think that we were kicked out of the "garden of eating" less than 40,000 years ago and that we only started cooking our food 20 ­- 30,000 years ago. Although much evidence of fire does date back hundreds of thousands of years ago, those hominids were not our ancestors. Most of them were competing hominids whose species became extinct; or they were expanding tribes of our ancestors who did not ultimately succeed. The ice ages of the last millions years allowed expansions and contractions of populating species and the lands they inhabited. Maybe 40,000 years ago, (and these numbers are relatively speculative) we were concentrated in one area of Africa. We expanded all over the world, and then the ice age glacial expansion concentrated the population to small areas in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America [since at that time they were able to walk from Asia to North America. At the end of the last contraction, when there were
      less than ten areas of human domination around the world, they were each in their own garden of eating. By 10,000 years ago, they had all converted to the grass diet via farming and sexual repression. They could have been kicked out the garden of eating around 30,000 years ago or more recently. They coped with the ice age: cooked their food and warred with competing hominids. When the ice age glacial expanse receded, they were able to form cities and claim land.

      So when I started the diet, I thought I was eating like my ancestors did a million years ago. The main difference is that I no longer think that man had hundreds of thousands of years to adjust to cooked food; I now think it has been only 20-30,000 years that man has spent adjusting to the burnt diet.

      Does this count as an epiphany, a tall story, or the mad hallucinations of a victim of isolation?

      So in review [the pyramid:]
      We were the tree people from 30 ­- 40,000 years ago
      We were the ice people from 20-30,000 years ago (but fire could have been used)
      We were the fire people from 10-20,000 years ago
      We were the grass people from 10,000 years ago
      In the last hundred years or two we have succumbed to the age of white slavery

      These dates are highly speculative and subject to be reevaluated as I am corrected

      The tree people ate high fruit from trees and low fruit from vines and berries
      The ice people ate whatever plants they could find, fish and very small animals
      The fire people cooked most of their food to survive the glacial expansion, including mammals
      The grass people lived by cultivating the seeds of low growing plants, and the animals that ate it
      The last hundred years of white slavery have put the most strain on our natural boundaries
      (ie white powders and other extractions, distillates, and synthetic chemicals)

      It has been interesting detoxing in the way that we were toxed.
      I hope that this will be more effective.
      We shall see. Time will tell.
      No ticket, no laundry (It all comes out in the wash.)

      jrellis, firepriest

      -- what we need are more quacks and less doctors


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