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Re: FW: Greatest Threat Since FDA Tried to Turn Nutrients into Prescription Drugs!

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  • Katharine Clark
    ... -- *.* Katharine Clark, RN, CMT, MSU, Longevity Specialist, Vital Foods Chef HealthWorksHI@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/ThrivingVibrance *For over 30
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2011
      > ** **
      > We need a grass roots effort on this. Every one of us must take action or
      > we are in serious trouble and we can lose most of our dietary supplements.
      > I just e-mailed my senators. Would you do the same? A million thanks!! **
      > ** **
      > <http://www.lef.org/?source=INFEML_Bill_0722&key=logo&sourcecode=ING103E>*
      > ***
      > *Greatest Threat Since FDA Tried to Turn**
      > Nutrients into Prescription Drugs! *****
      > *Listen to William Faloon discuss the FDA's Latest Attempt to Ban your
      > Dietary Supplements as recorded during the recent Life Extension Scientific
      > Advisory Board meeting <http://youtu.be/1cEaR9aypOg>*****
      > The *FDA* has just issued a proposed mandate that will enable the
      > government to *ban* the most effective dietary supplements you are now
      > taking. ****
      > If this proposal is enacted, many *fish oil* formulas and natural *plant
      > extracts* will be removed from the market until so-called *safety *testing
      > is done. The FDA wants each nutrient company to force-feed laboratory
      > animals the human equivalent of up to *240,000 milligrams* a day of
      > certain fish oils. This outlandish dose will injure the test animals and
      > give the *FDA* an excuse to outlaw the supplement. ****
      > *How can the FDA do this*? They are seeking to reclassify the natural
      > supplements you now take as "food additives." This gives the FDA power to
      > mandate outrageous safety thresholds that have no relationship to the
      > scientifically validated doses of nutrients you take every day.****
      > *Why are they doing this?* Because these natural products work too well.
      > Take *curcumin* as an example. It has been shown to inhibit a deadly
      > transcription factor in cells called *nuclear factor-kappa beta* (NF-kB)
      > that is responsible for immune system regulation. Over-expression of NF-kB
      > is linked with tumor cells that resist normal cell growth and maturation, as
      > well as inflammation. ****
      > Pharmaceutical companies want to own the exclusive rights to these kinds of
      > plant extracts that are freely sold on the market today. They don�t want
      > consumers to be able to obtain these biological benefits in low-cost
      > supplements. Instead, they want to patent synthetic versions as high-priced
      > *prescription drugs*! ****
      > *What is being done to Stop This Travesty?*****
      > To give you an idea about how *dangerous* these draconian proposals are, *Life
      > Extension* helped organize a conference call last week. Dozens of health
      > freedom organizations participated and agreed to coordinate a massive
      > consumer *revolt.*****
      > The official start date of this uprising is *Thursday,* *September 8,* *
      > 2011*, but you can take *preliminary* action today to thwart the FDA�s
      > latest attempt to steal your supplements and make them the exclusive domain
      > of Big Pharma. ****
      > We ask that you forward this e-mail to *everyone* you know so they can
      > understand the precarious state their health will be in when the FDA bans
      > their most *effective* dietary supplements. ****
      > Then, use our convenient website to e-mail letters to the White House, your
      > Representative and two Senators by clicking on the links below:****
      > - *Send a letter to your Representative and two Senators<http://www.capwiz.com/lef/issues/alert/?alertid=51641606&type=CO>
      > * demanding the FDA immediately withdraw their oppressive proposed
      > guidelines pending rational discussions with those who depend on dietary
      > supplements to protect their health and livelihood. ****
      > - *Send a letter to the President�s Office of Management and Budget<http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/0719_Letter-to-the-White-House.htm>
      > * as the FDA�s proposed guidelines on new dietary ingredients directly
      > conflict with an Executive Order issued July 11, 2011<http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/0719_Executive-Order-Letter.htm>,
      > that orders the FDA to streamline and repeal burdensome regulations that
      > interfere with job creation, economic growth, and innovation.****
      > *Life Extension* will keep you posted on these frightening developments,
      > but please mark *Thursday,* *September 8, 2011*, on your calendar as the
      > day when millions of health freedom activists will rise up in unity against
      > FDA tyranny.****
      > For longer life,****
      > ****
      > William Faloon****
      > *�Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies
      > would be in such keeping as our souls are now.� *****
      > ---Thomas Jefferson****
      > *Historical Perspective*****
      > For those who don�t recall, the federal government came very close to
      > transforming high-potency supplements into *prescription drugs* in the *
      > 1970*s.****
      > The medical establishment lobbied so hard that it was a foregone conclusion
      > that Congress would change the law and force Americans to obtain
      > prescriptions for many of their supplements. ****
      > No one expected the consumer backlash that overwhelmed Congress into
      > submission.****
      > Vitamin users inundated Congress with so many protests that the *Proxmire
      > Vitamin Bill* was enacted in *1976*. This bill prohibited the *FDA* from
      > turning dietary supplements into �drugs� as the *American Medical
      > Association* was urging.****
      > Annual vitamin sales were less than *$2 billion* in the *1970*s, yet
      > Congress received *more* mail from angry vitamin supplement users than *any
      > *other issue except the *Vietnam War*.****
      > Today, Americans use over *$26 billion* of dietary supplements each year,
      > so you can imagine how many angry protests Congress will hear when the
      > public learns the *FDA* is trying to *ban every supplement introduced
      > after October 15, 1994*. ****
      > The* FDA*�s proposed guidelines represent the *greatest threat* to health
      > freedom since the medical establishment tried to seize control over your
      > right to ingest food supplements. Please take action today by contacting The
      > White House and Congress today by clicking the buttons below.****
      > [image: Take Action]<http://www.capwiz.com/lef/issues/alert/?alertid=51641606&type=CO>
      > ****
      > Read more about the FDA's plan to take away supplements<http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/0719_FDA-views-supplements-as-synthetic-food-preservatives.htm?source=INFEML_Bill_0408&key=logo&sourcecode=ING103E>
      > ****
      > ****
      > Code *ING103E*****
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      > contact advisory@....
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      > status, please contact customerservice@.... For all other
      > inquiries, please contact generalquestions@.... We will
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      > ****
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      > 1100 W. Commercial Blvd | Fort Lauderdale FL 33309
      > Copyright � 1995-2011 Life Extension Foundation�. All Rights Reserved.****
      > ****
      > ** **

      Katharine Clark, RN, CMT, MSU, Longevity Specialist, Vital Foods Chef

      *For over 30 years.*

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      *making it possible for **people like you*

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