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the first few days are the hardest, don't you worry anymore

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  • rahtymz
    I have started the epiphany diet again It s an instinctive mono vegan raw diet, no cumming I am so excited I have decided to write again about the grass based
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
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      I have started the epiphany diet again
      It's an instinctive mono vegan raw diet, no cumming
      I am so excited I have decided to write again about the grass based diet of my sick neighbors
      In this introduction I want to make clear that my reference to biblical stories does not signify any loyalty or belief in any of the religious doctrines. The bible is merely the first book I know of. And I did read the first few chapters. Somewhere by the end of leviticus I had to give up. life is too short.

      I just wrote about how the last ten thousand years has seen the modern day apes move to live in stationary communities; and switched from a nomadic fruit and nut diet, to a cultivated grass based cooked food diet. It was not for lack of awareness. In fact, just the opposite, the leaders knew exactly what they were doing. Or at least, that's the way I see it.

      I read about the garden of eden. Adam ate the apple of knowledge and was banned from utopia. When I was little, and thought this story had significance, I looked for symbolism. What does the apple represent? But now I have found my answers, and think the story is significant again. The apple is the raw fruit diet of our nomadic ancestors. In order for the emerging tribe to survive, it was necessary to sacrifice and compromise and fight, inorder to feed themselves and maintain sovereignty. The grass based diet was necessary. It was too expensive to bring in and distribute fruit, and it took too much time to gather and process. The grain factories were already being built. The most important effect of grass food was to dumb down the people. Make them stupid and confused. Make them unable to be aware of themselves. To keep them lying. To make the contradictions and sexual repression work for the state. To keep the people stupid.

      I know food derived, one way or another, from dormant and otherwise undigestible grass and grass seeds, makes me stupid because I test myself. I play games and play puzzles. Computer games like minesweep and bomb dunk, as well as puzzles like killer sudoku and hidato. I can do better when I am off the grass standard. Also, I can meditate better, and my demeanor is more calmÂ… after the detox of course. The bloc therapy I work through, requires it.

      The leaders knew this. They entered from the opposite side. They could see how stupidity worked for them. They needed it. They required it. And they got it. What I don't get, is how almost everyone still goes for this. It didn't even seem natural to me as a child. I guess until you try it, you don't know. But still, what am I missing. Am I delusional. Am I dead. Am I really a caterpillar? Why am I the freak. I don't get it. What am I missing. Why does everyone choose ugly death.

      Please explain it to me. I know they have all eaten themselves sick and stupid. Please tell me why they will settle for nothing more. Sure they have been ethnically cleansed, genetically bred, culled and weeded so that only those with a high propensity for slavery were permitted to live. But still, I can see it. Why can't they? I know I am not smarter than other people. My body and brain are no more powerful. How come they can't see it. Please tell me.

      Answer quick, because at this rate, I will probably morph into an alien creature with no ability to communicate in english. i think my head is getting bigger. I hope its not a tumor
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