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Re: [Raw Food] the ant that could

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  • Mikko Nuuttila
    Ants hate cinnamon powder. They had built their nest under my parents banana tree and they sprinkled the soil with cinnamon, and in 3-5 days the ants had
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 11, 2010
      Ants hate cinnamon powder.
      They had built their nest under my parents' banana tree
      and they sprinkled the soil with cinnamon,
      and in 3-5 days the ants had moved into a new location.

      I got rid of ants in my clothes storage room
      with that cinnamon invention also. 3 days and just gone,
      without having to kill them.



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    • Celeste Tanit
      I am always amazed that after becoming a raw foodist, people are still so emotionally twisted. You would think that cleaning the cells would clear one s
      Message 2 of 14 , Jul 11, 2010
        I am always amazed that after becoming a raw foodist, people are still so emotionally twisted. You would think that cleaning the cells would clear one's "stuff".  That raw foodists would "get" the larger perspective and release the need to be "special". It is this kind of messiah/prophet complex that gives raw food a bad name and drives people away from what could really help them.  Burgers are easier to detox from than pride!
        I invite you to practice more gratitude and release the "what I have overcome" story.

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        Subject: [Raw Food] the ant that could
        To: rawfood@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Saturday, July 10, 2010, 5:09 PM


        I was looking at the ants in my bedroom. There were so many of them. They were marching in a thick straight line from the corner of the sliding glass doors to the middle of the room, where I had left some big crumbs. Well, if I really wanted to make this story useful, I would give you the brand of powder I used to solve my ant problem. This powder doesn't kill the ants, but they won't cross it, and within a few minutes they were all gone. But this story is not about how to protect yourself from ants, this story is about the ant that could.

        I usually don't have a problem with ants. Sometimes, I do see one scurrying about. Mostly, they all eventually give up. I don't usually keep crumbs on my floor. It seems that many ants spend their lives looking for crumbs in the most obscure places. Many times, they die or are killed. I don't know how many ants are successful, but I wonder what sort of hero's welcome the successful ant receives upon the reporting of a particularly large stash of crumbs. Are there groupie girl ants? Does he get to take a vacation? Do all the other ants congratulate him when he passes? These seeker ants are very brave. If you see one, they will not run home. They try to fool me into thinking they come from a different place. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for the hill.

        The point I am making is that the ant that found my stash of crumbs was not necessarily the smartest ant. Maybe he had nothing to distinguish himself from all the others ants. He was just lucky. Cover the floor with the paths of all the scurrying ants, and one of them was bound to find it. Like the unremarkable citizen who wins the lottery, one ant got lucky.

        I am that ant. I got lucky. I found the Holy Grail; the fountain of youth. I won the lottery. I have seen the grandest canyon. I found it. My unique path, led me to a place that no human, (or should I say, almost no human,) has ever been before. I am the ant that could.

        The path I have taken was fraught with pitfalls, dangers, and the scariest of warnings. And skipping my bio for the sake of goodness, I would like to point out that the other ants that followed similar paths have died terrible deaths. They have all fallen by the waste side, victims of medical care, prisons, bad diets of drugs and slave foods, as well as being shunned by society. All of the addicts that I met at my two rehabs that I kept in touch with, all of the addicts that I met at 12 step meetings and became friendly with; they are all dead. The people that I commiserated with that were as fat as I was, had stomach surgeries that have caused so many problems; I cringe whenever I try to avoid thinking about them. I know one person who had sciatica like i did, and he submitted to medical care. They fused his spine, but then it came back. So they fused the next vertebrae, and then the next, until now he no longer has a spine, he has a pipe, and he can't
        bend at all, to say the least. Yes, I have been where no one has been. I have made it there and back, through the deadly obstacle course that protects the true Garden of Eden.

        I am not smarter than other people; I just worked to learn how to take tests. I am not more handsome, and never was. I was never a good athlete, being mostly a nerd. I was never popular, and I have no money. But I have seen what almost no one else ever will. If I was anything it was relentless, just like an ant. I just didn't give up. I never let the people dying around me, thin my resolve.

        Now, as the ant that could; as the explorer who found the Promised Land; as one who has been there and seen it; I want to tell all the other ants about it. I want groupies. I want a ticker tape parade. I want everyone else to congratulate me when I pass. Where are my lottery winnings? But alas, there doesn't seem to be any other ants that will come to see what I found. Does no one believe me? Am I that uninspiring and repulsive? Do I look like a liar? Am I a pariah? How come there isn't a thick stream of ants following me? I know where IT is. I have been there. How come no one will come see it? I have seen the Grand Canyon. Come look. It's easy, you can see it too. This is not something you want to miss. We only have one life. If you take one voyage, one vacation or one risk; you have got to see this. It is like nothing you could ever imagine. Trust me. I am the ant that could.

        Ok fine, be like that. Ignore me. I don't care. You are as stupid as corduroy shorts. I give up. I just can't believe that someone who has seen what I have seen wouldn't grab the opportunity to revel with a fellow traveler. Fine, be like that. I don't care. You think I am insignificant, I think you are blind. If only I were really an ant. There would be an army behind me, instead of an army against me.


        Just what makes that little old ant

        Think he'll move that rubber tree plant

        Anyone knows an ant, can't

        Move a rubber tree plant

        But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes

        He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

        So any time you're gettin' low

        'stead of lettin' go

        Just remember that ant

        Oops there goes another rubber tree plant

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      • corky lux
        In the past I have tried baby talcum powder, red pepper and I forget what else-- none of which worked for me. I have a few suggestions.  If  you don t have
        Message 3 of 14 , Jul 11, 2010
          In the past I have tried baby talcum powder, red pepper and I forget what else--
          none of which worked for me.

          I have a few suggestions.  If  you don't have pets or small children on the
          floor, you can try sprinkling baking soda around the perimeters of each room
          (where floor meets wall) and leave it there.  I also sprinkle some on each
          window sill.   I do that everywhere I live, don't have ants, spiders, roaches. 
          Or-- you can take a little pill bottle and put 1 teaspoon each baking soda and
          table sugar (or confectioners sugar), shake it up to mix, then put where you
          have seen a trail.  Also put baking soda at your doorsills on the outside of the

          If you were to lay a spoon on your counter and thousands of ants appear in
          seconds out of nowhere, that might mean you have a nest under the foundation--
          been there, done that in Texas.   What I did there was to buy those little round
          ant traps (1 pkg) and put one the trail(s).   If you see live and dead ants, do
          not disturb, they will just make another trail and you will have to start all
          over again.  It took about 2 weeks to completely wipe the ants out of the
          house.  The trail was in our bathroom, so we rinsed the dead ants from the floor
          of the shower each night. 

          I am chemically sensitive now so I use the baking soda for just about
          everything.  I had a cricket infestation last year for 4 months-- the noise
          drove me nuts.  I did the baking soda & sugar mixture and sprinkled it on my
          kitchen counter where they would run behind my appliances.  I mixed half and
          half in 2 pill bottles of baking soda and flour and put one on the floor by my
          dishwasher, the other by my bathroom vanity.  One or 2 days later, no crickets! 
          No dead bodies laying around either.  And I did it without an exterminator.

          One last thing-- I bought my mobile home 4 yrs ago, last year had 3
          exterminators out here to check (2 were organic).  A prior owner had had plugs
          put under the house but I had no idea of when.  On my deck, on a beam, there is
          a big, non-active tunnel and at the other end of the deck a support beam is
          almost eaten away.

          I had one of the organic guys put Sentricon bait traps around the house.  So
          far, no sign of action.  He noticed the rock salt (I have desert landscaping all
          around the lot) - I put it all over once a year to kill weeds (works great).  He
          said it is very possible the rock salt (gets into the soil) would make termites
          move their nest.  Then I remembered I had a terrible probem with ants 4 yrs
          ago-- put baking soda and waterer on the mounds - have not been bothered with
          ants biting me when I pull a few weeds now and then.  The AC man (3-4 yrs ago)
          had ants climbing up his pants and biting him-- said he noticed the ants aren't
          around anymore.

          Good luck, let us know what works.


          From: Judy Pokras vegwriter@...
          Please tell us what the powder is that the ants won't cross. Is it Boric

          I have tiny "No See Um" ants on my kitchen counter. They come and go but I
          didn't invite them and don't want them there! 
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