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creme of corn

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  • rahtymz
    dear left wing raw fooders, right wing raw fooders, progressive raw fooders, bagdad sex perverts, and especially those of us that have been twice around the
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      dear left wing raw fooders, right wing raw fooders, progressive raw fooders, bagdad sex perverts, and especially those of us that have been twice around the block -

      sure it can be best not to mix foods, but hey, gimme a break. life is killing me.

      I have been having some really delicious salads lately. I want to write a recipe and take pictures, but I am not going to. Mainly because it's a stupid thing to do. The ingredients of a salad are made with a combination of what's available and what tastes good. I could say the baby romaine lettuce is best for the salad, but when I am tasting the lettuce before buying, sometimes I pick red leaf or butter lettuce. Sometimes I get little round cherry tomatoes if the big red ones aren't ripe. Sometimes I add onion, or scallions, but once in a while I can get sprouted garlic. Yeah, I can take pictures, but it wouldn't really be of practical use to others, since the salad is a personal and resource determined project. Sometimes I put grated beets for sweetness, or grated ginger for zip. Sometimes, if I can't get a ripe avocado, I use olive oil. Sometimes, I am really bad and use a few tablespoons of braggs cider vinegar.

      There is one ingredient of the salad that I am using lately that really makes the difference. Young white corn on the cob. (or white and yellow) It works for me. This is how I prepare the corn before adding to the salad.
      1. Shuck it
      2. Brush to remove stray hairs
      3. Use a very sharp slicing knife to cut off the kernels. Don't cut too close to the cob, infact, leave extra on the cob. If the knife is sharp enough, you can cut the kernels with successive one saw down motions. This is best so as not to make a mess of the kitchen with flying corn kernels. Balance the corn on the sharp end, and tilt down a little to the cutting board, to also minimize flying kernels
      4. Use the back of a chef's knife (the spine) to scrape off the rest of the corn residue. This is the crème of the cob. It really gives the salad great flavor. This is the funnest part.
      5. Put it in the oven and bake at 450 degrees for 35 minutes. (only kidding)

      The corn is not in season all year, so I am eating a lot now while it is available and I like it

      Here are some extra tips for salads
      1. An old rule of thumb is to make sure there are three colors in the salad: like green lettuce, yellow corn, and red bell pepper
      2. A salad should have a uniform range of sizes. So that if corn is a dominate ingredient, then cut the bell peppers into small cubes also. And cut the romaine into small pieces also
      3. Its not necessary to use a blender for the salad dressing. I just squeeze the avocado threw my fingers, grate the beets and ginger, and squeeze the large tomatoes before tossing all by hand. There is no blender to clean or electricity to worry about. I do use a blender sometimes, and it is good too, but I prefer it this way today
      4. If you have avocado, you really shouldn't need any oil

      Here are some extra thoughts on corn

      Corn kernels are seeds. Like nuts and other seeds, they are the first stage of life for the new plant. Most nuts and seeds need to be sprouted first because they have high starch content and huge protein molecules. While this is optimal for the new life, it can be one of the worst periods in their life cycle for human digestion. Most nuts and seeds are better sprouted first. Corn is the big exception. It is best eaten fresh from the cob. (You can sprout the corn, they say, after drying and then rehydrating it.)

      I could be wrong about my facts, I am just ranting, but one thing is for sure, I am planning to enjoy my corn salad now.

      your cyber chef
      jrellis, firepriest

      ps - corn can be abused in cooked food diets. it is one of the wonders of nature. Like cotton candy, fluffy egg souffle, cheese fondue, and leavened wheat bread, the slave cultures of the world have manipulated sacred fire to create popcorn. don't you sometimes wish these abominations of nature were naturally occurring and good for you. and to requote severen schaeffer again, "the question is not, 'can man live by bread alone?' but 'can man live by bread at all?' "

      pps - summer is almost over, so its the worst time not to take advantage of the abundance of fruit.
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