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Fwd: [Sprout] Mrs Youkta Kulvinskas, sad news

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      >         Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:33 pm (PST)
      > Vihara Youkta, wife of Viktoras Kulvinskas, ascended peacefully, and
      > gracefully in the company of loved ones on Oct. 16th, 2007.
      > Ms. Youkta lived the raw food lifestyle for over three decades. She was
      > a beautiful successful Woman, and very talented accomplished yogini and
      > dancer. Ms. Vihara, unfortunately neglected to have the symptoms from
      > which she had been suffering for more than a year diagnosed until her
      > condition was irreversible. A life of ongoing stress will cause distress
      > to the body regardless of ones lifestyle. The recent stress of moving to
      > Costa Rica, and loss of a loved one, exacerbated her condition rapidly.
      > Like Viktoras, Youkta also survived some extreme abuse and suffering in
      > her childhood which no doubt took an early toll on her overall well-being.
      > We celebrate Youkta's life and the fact that it ended in the perfect
      > divine time. We are reminded that death spares no one.
      > This is a great loss to the raw food community.
      > Youkta left behind many devoted students who are carrying on her style
      > and teachings.
      > Friends of Youkta can send cards and letters to the family, her son,
      > Nick and Kim and their daughter Samantha Geraigery, at 1671 Somerset
      > Ave, Taunton, MA. 02780.
      > Cards and letters will also reach Viktoras Kuvlinskas at the same
      > address or email to survival4u@... <mailto:survival4u%40msn.com>.
      > Contributions can also be sent for the Vihara Youkta Foundation, for the
      > purposes of continuing her vision of building a school in Costa Rica to
      > the above address.
      > A memorial will be held at Garvin Gardens, Hot Springs Arkansas Nov
      > 11th, 11 am.
      > Her memorial services will be held the week of Feb 18th in Montezuma,
      > Costa Rica.
      > See www.youkta.org for more information about her life and memorial
      > services.
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