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Re: I fell off the wagon

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  • Janet FitzGerald
    Hi Jeannie, Ahhh, thanks... *blush* There are many scenes from a meatpacking plant. And, like I said, there IS time to shut the eyes from full exposure.
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      Hi Jeannie,

      Ahhh, thanks... *blush*

      There are many scenes from a meatpacking plant. And, like I said,
      there IS time to shut the eyes from full exposure. There are two
      scenes that warrant a "shut-eye". I felt deeply saddened and angry
      after watching the movie. I knew all of it was true from experience.
      Real experience. My first paycheck job was at a McDonald's (big part
      of the movie and book), and I worked at four different canneries in
      Alaska, one of which was run by a very shady company. I know what
      it's like to be up to my knees in cold guts, watch a seriously injured
      employee wait a WEEK to be flown out for medical help (he needed
      medical help due to trauma), to throw fish hearts at coworkers to pass
      the time (people regularly worked 20 hour shifts), get tendinitis and
      keep working, watch people drop out of the workforce due to sickness,
      injuries, carpel tunnel, etc...oh, and this is all very trivial stuff
      (though I'm leaving a lot out) compared to a meatpacking plant.

      However, if you can't watch the movie, do try to read the book. I
      found it at my library and I'm almost done with it. It's amazing how
      our society's love for cow meat has dramatically changed the landscape
      of our whole country.

      As for your food consumption, I think adding more fruits will help
      curb your appetite, and then the cravings. Try adding a banana or
      three to each meal. Also, my experience with Lara bars is they
      eventually get old after a while. So, try to add variety to your
      daily diet. You can buy my dehydrator, but I don't recommend eating
      dehydrated food on a regular basis. It dehydrates the body because
      the body has to take water from within to rehydrate the food before it
      can be digested. This is enervating to the body, and besides, I've
      never found dehydrated food to be very "filling". By the time it is,
      I've eaten WAY too much of it. It's better to look for high water
      content fruits that will hydrate you and give you more oxygen.

      Jeannie, have you tried out Nutridiary to see how the macro nutrients
      in your diet look over the course of a few days? I can't answer
      questions about why you are tired until I have a better picture of
      your current diet (minus the ckn). And, there are other factors that
      can cause fatigue along the line of exercise, exposure to sun, fresh
      air, and the like.


      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, jeannieh h <jeannieh99@...> wrote:
      > Janet,
      > I appreciate your imput greatly.
      > I would like to find the fast food nation, I actually looked for it
      at Blockbuster but didn't find it. I should have asked but I didn't.
      If the disturbing parts involves hurting animals, I might not want to
      watch it. I can't stand seeing anything that involves cruelty to
      animals. Otherwise, I'd love to see it. Anything that will take away
      my desire for sad. I'm that desperate to loose the hold it has on me.
      > I realize my daily intake is super boring. I just don't know wha tto
      do to make it more exciting. I don't own a dehydrator and I can't
      afford one for awhile.
      > If my caloric intake is too low, why am I not loosing more weight??
      I do feel very tired every day, more than I've ever felt. Any
      suggestions on how I could correct this? I appreciate your feedback.
      > Thank,
      > Jeannie
      > your time is the most cherished gift of all, tomorrow is promised to
      no one.
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      > From: Janet FitzGerald <waxplanet@...>
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      > Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 3:16:31 PM
      > Subject: [Raw Food] Re: I fell off the wagon (WAS: Garlic Redux)
      > Jeannie,
      > Do try not to feel embarrassed or depressed in the slightest. If you
      > are like me and several other folks out there, you've been eating SAD
      > most of your life. Look at what you've accomplished in the last few
      > months, if not longer, from the changes you have made. Think about
      > where you were a year ago and where you are now.
      > Try hard not to feel guilty about your meal, but observe how you feel.
      > Really observe. This is how you will send messages to your
      > subconscious. Right now, your subconscious remembers all the good
      > memories of eating fried chicken (perhaps family picnics, functions,
      > out with friends, etc. ...just guessing), and it has just gotten its
      > first(?) negative message. By observing and feeling the effects of
      > eating the chicken, or other cooked foods, you are aligning your
      > conscious with your subconscious.
      > I happen to be reading "Fast Food Nation" right now. If you haven't
      > seen the movie or the book, now might be a great time to check
      > either/both out. It may help you greatly with reprogramming your
      > subconscious and attaining your goals. Be aware that there are some
      > disturbing images in the movie (plenty of time to hide eyes).
      > Btw, your daily intake of raw strikes me as monotonous, and your
      > caloric intake seems low, too. I suggest trying more variety in your
      > fruits and eating more.
      > Janet
      > --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, jeannieh h <jeannieh99@> wrote:
      > your time is the most cherished gift of all, tomorrow is promised to
      > no one.
      > My raw food Brothers & Sisters, It is with much sadness I have to
      > admit that I "fell off the wagon" today I need some help from you good
      > folks today. Here is what happened to me today. I was doing just
      > fine on 100% raw. Just a few days away from my 3rd month. My 3 month
      > was to be on July 4th. I was really looking forward to it so much. I
      > had my usual breakfast of a green drink and bananna. Lunch was my
      > usual banana and lara bar. While usually for dinner I have a salad,
      > today I had to stop for gas and INSTEAD to stopping at my usual place
      > I stopped at another gas station. I was trying to be cheap and save
      > money so I saw a station had gas for $2.69. I turned in there really
      > fast. Usually I pay at the pump so I'm in and out. Today I had to go
      > in because I actually had cash on me. I went in and there was this
      > smell of freshly fried chicken! It hit me and I just found myself
      > over at the counter asking for the special (8 piece for $2.99).
      > I couldn't pass up such a deal (so I said to myself). I thought I was
      > going to eat all of them. LOL (that is how insane my mind is when it
      > comes to food) I had eaten two pieces before getting home. Once I
      > got home I felt so sick. I could not eat any more. I am still
      > miserable and I hate myself for having caved like this. I don't know
      > what to do about it. I hate being so weak as to cave in like this. I
      > hate that I made it this far only to ruin my progress. I thought by
      > now, I would have gotten over my desire for sad. I think my
      > addictions are so strong and I am so weak and I am so angry at myself.
      > I think in the back of my mind I was so upset today because I got on
      > the scale and have not lost as much as I feel I should have for the
      > length of time I have been doing so well. I don't know if that played
      > a part or not. I think it may have. My stomach feels so awful and so
      > sick. yuk!!
      > Anyway, I just felt the need to come clean and accept responsibility
      > for what I did so that I can move on and get back on the wagon.
      > Depressed and embarrassed, Jeannie Yahoo! Groups Links
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