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using fear to manipulate behaviors

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  • gena23224
    Hi all, coming out of lurk mode temporarily. I really enjoy this forum for the support mostly. I ve been (mostly) raw for about ten years. But always there
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
      Hi all, coming out of lurk mode temporarily. I really enjoy this
      forum for the support mostly. I've been (mostly) raw for about ten
      years. But always there are challenges and things to learn about.
      My personal goal/wish lately is that food/health not be an issue for
      me as service to others overtakes my main focus in this life.
      Service to others is love in action, then of course it circles back
      and the synergy builds. But I'm not there yet at least not to where
      I want to be, health/food is an issue (for me) more than I'd like.
      But how could it not be with the way things are these days. Deeper
      introspection I realized internal fears that make it so, the main
      one being the "fear of not getting enough". And spurs overeating.
      (and craziness sometimes, with the imbalance that that it leads to)
      I'm not quoting myself I'm quoting my mother (b/c that's how she was
      taught) and millions of others. Which, from an intellectual/logical
      perspective, sounds absolutely crazy, if you are in the U.S., or
      other nation where food is in abundance.
      From a psychological or emotional standpoint however, it makes
      sense, if this is the message preached at you from day one. So even
      if you are overweight or full or whatever, this deeply ingrained
      internal fear spurs overeating.

      Fear is a wonderful manipulator for action, and I think has been
      used successfully to bring us to a place of crisis mode - for many -
      in the western world regards to health. This morning the Maury
      show - did anyone see it? - was about very overweight/obese
      toddlers. When our children are suffering it is obvious soemthign
      is out of whack.

      Just writing to share some reflections I've noted in me, that cause
      me to - sometimes- go off balance, but then have noticed is pretty
      pervasive across the board. All this self-talk to calm one down
      b/c, it is not possible to be malnourished if one simply listens to
      the body, responds, and I think, doesn't spend too much time
      worrying about it. Eat (natural, organics, raw) when hungry
      (following the instincts of a pure body, not perverted addictions),
      stop when full. All is well. Leave it. I think - science shows
      (yes there's articles evidence out there) that whatever one focuses
      on, builds. Good or bad.

      Knowledge is good, but, so long as it is in balance/accordance with
      the world we live in, higher laws of the universe.

      I heard, while working in a hospital maternity ward (long ago), that
      women/mothers having babies . . those who were nurses there giving
      babies, during a C-section, actually fared/recovered WORSE than
      women/mothers who were not nurses. I found that very interesting.
      The worry (this is just my conclusions) and/or thought a woman
      knowledgable fo what was going on would surely exacerbate the
      situation and in and of itself could make things worse. (and the
      insight one gains while working in a hospital is plenty to make one
      very afraid fo going there!!!)

      Just writing to share some thoughts. Thoughts are powerful things,
      they manifest in our material world. And fear is wonderful for
      manipulating people, and those interested in money making have done
      such a wonderful job, b/c we are a nation afraid of/for our health
      (some, not everyone). Of course love is more powerful, but that
      takes faith, belief, in following the natural way, trusting oneself,
      etc. I think we are making progress however.

      Happy New Year's Everyone.
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