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Re: Great post Jean

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  • afdomme
    Thanks. Right now I eat a lot of nuts, fruit and veggies most of the time, but most of all, I trust my instincts and did re-learn to eat instinctively. That
    Message 1 of 1852 , Apr 13, 2000
      Thanks. Right now I eat a lot of nuts, fruit and
      veggies most of the time, but most of all, I trust my
      instincts and did re-learn to eat instinctively. That was
      valuable and made me trust my body's wisdom. The result is
      I don't eat according to what I "think" I should
      eat, but allow myself to be guided by my body's
      reaction with regard to taste and smell, as animals do in
      the wild. <br><br>I believe we have been socialized
      to not pay attention to our reactions and most have
      forgotten how to eat instinctively. Interestingly enough, I
      have observed that I and others I have know who have
      tried this, have lost this ability when eating too many
      cooked foods. <br><br>Therefore, what I eat varies from
      month to month depending on what I am drawn to eat. My
      attitude is that you can't force a body to be healthy or
      not; it is simply as healthy as it can be given its
      environment. I believe, from my professional and personal
      experiences, that when you give the body the opportunity to
      have access to a wide variety of raw foods, and you
      allow yourself to be guided by instincts, you will eat
      what you need and avoid what you don't. <br><br>The
      body's wisdom is so profound this way it is astounding,
      but, again it makes sense that we have some kind of
      genetic programming for being able to select food that is
      good for us vs toxic for us. Thus a food that is good
      for one will become toxic at a point of excess
      consumption, and, correspondingly, its taste will change.
      Trusting that change in taste comes with experience. It
      was a really strange experience the first several
      times I did this and realized that taste is a gauge of
      a food's nutritional value. Thus our ancestors who
      had this ability could eat food out of the wild, and
      eat plants that were nutritious and screen out plants
      that weren't. Those who couldn't died, and so we are
      all descendents of those who have this ability to
      distinguish between raw foods that are nutritions and those
      that are not. Our ancestors were also omnivorous as
      due to scarcity they were forced to eat all types of
      edible items in order to survive famine times.<br><br>I
      have also found that in general, most people feel
      better when avoiding dairy and products with flour; and,
      that people do not get nearly enough nutritional fats
      (such as omega 3s and 6s). Interestingly enough, raw
      hemp seed, when cold pressed yields copious amounts of
      these fats in the proportion the human body needs. They
      are also available in raw fish and flax seed oils.
      These same oils/fats, when heated to the point where
      they are transformed to transfatty acids become toxic
      and have no nutritious value whatsoever. This means
      that the majority of the American population probably
      starved for raw fats. Without raw fats one's energy level
      will drop as these are essential for energy
      produciton. So then you have the dilemma of fat people being
      low energy since they don't have enough fat in their
      diets to exercise. <br><br>One patient of my was very
      overweight and fanatically cut fat from her diet. When I met
      her she had thin hair and low energy. One of the
      first things I did was added a little raw fat (flax
      seed oil to salad dressing, plus sashimi), took away
      all cooked fat (not much), and her hair rapidly
      became thick and healthy over period of a few months.
      She became more energetic and lost weight. This was
      without other modifications to her diet. It was very
      noticeable. Later, I changed other things in her food, but
      that was a first step.<br><br>I've been in private
      practice for 16 years and when I discovered the raw foods
      approached and passed it on to appropriate patients, their
      improvements were noteworthy. <br><br>I look forward to
      exchanging more thoughts.
    • Paula
      I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.
      Message 1852 of 1852 , Feb 2, 2007
        I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.

        --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, wolkenmeer wrote:
        > Hi there, I am looking for a new juicer and do
        > not know which to take. Up to now I had a German
        > version of the Champion juicer that I like very much, but
        > it does not work with 110 V here in the USA. Would
        > the Green Life oder Green Power be a better juicer?
        > Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Wolkenmeer
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