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Toxins in your coffee

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  • gerald
    Other than the excess caffeine, I ve always thought of coffee as a fairly healthy beverage - especially when it s organic. But I ve recently discovered that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2006
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      Other than the excess caffeine, I've always thought of coffee as a
      fairly healthy beverage - especially when it's organic. But I've
      recently discovered that most of us add something to our morning cup
      of java that makes it extremely unhealthy. You probably think I mean
      sugar or fat-laden cream. While those definitely take away from the
      healthiness of coffee, they aren't the only things you should be
      concerned about here.

      Besides, most health-conscious people use Stevia or simply take their
      coffee black. But even if you add nothing extra to your coffee,
      chances are, there's already something in it that can turn it into a
      disease-causing beverage. It's your water! That's right. Most water in
      the industrialized world has chlorine added to it. And chlorine and
      coffee don't mix. Here's why:

      When chlorine combines with any organic compound from plants, it
      produces a dangerous chemical. You may have heard of dioxins. They are
      a dangerous class of chemicals produced by the chlorine bleaching of
      wood pulp (to make paper). When chlorine combines with the plant
      compounds in coffee, it creates a chemical called alloxan. Alloxan is
      a poison that destroys the beta cells of the pancreas (the ones that
      produce insulin). In fact, researchers use it to induce diabetes in
      laboratory animals.

      What does all this mean? Well, let's say you use regular tap water to
      make your coffee every morning. The chemical reaction that takes place
      with the chlorine gives you a microdose of alloxan in every cup. If
      this is a one-time event, it's probably not a big deal. But if you
      drink three or four cups of coffee a day for years, the cumulative
      effect could raise your blood sugar significantly.

      Now, I don't think drinking coffee will cause diabetes by itself. In
      fact, there are many studies that indicate drinking coffee can
      actually drop your blood sugar (I suspect most of those studies were
      done with coffee made with non-chlorinated water). But if you drink
      coffee made with chlorinated water, add some sugar and cream to it,
      and eat a pastry made from white flour and sugar, you've got a recipe
      for serious health problems. If continued daily for many years and
      even generations, irreparable damage could occur.

      So what should you do? You already know to avoid sugar and refined
      carbohydrates. So the next step is to avoid coffee made from
      chlorinated water. When you make coffee at home, make sure you use
      filtered water. Many filters on the market will eliminate chlorine
      from your water. You can find inexpensive brands at most home
      improvement stores. When you visit a restaurant, coffee shop, or
      convenience store, ask if they use filtered water. I have noticed some
      places do. That's good news. If they don't know, assume the water is

      Naturally I also reccomend filtered water for tea, green
      smoothies(blender drinks) and cooking, if you must cook your veggies.

      [For other discussions that we've done on the quality of water and
      it's importance to your health, visit our archives at chiDiet.com/news.]
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