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  • kauguy
    She was talking about Intuitive Eating by Humbart Santillo. I also have Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda its a very good book, but I think for someone
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2002
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      She was talking about "Intuitive Eating" by Humbart Santillo. I also
      have "Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda" its a very good book, but I
      think for someone starting out in raw foods the best, instructive
      books are Intuitive Eating and "Sunfood Diet Success system" by David
      Wolf. David Wolf is an amazing guy. He has totally devoted his life
      to trying to save people from cooked food. He calls it putting out
      Kitchen fires. I feel like I know him I've read nearly everything he
      has written. Including articles in the "Sunfood e-zine" a free email
      raw foods news letter, and "Just Eat An Apple" raw foods magazine.


      --- In rawfood@y..., "Mary Ann Hogan" <mahmuh@e...> wrote:
      > Thanks Sue,
      > Along with 'Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda", what is the other of
      the 2 books you refer to? Perhaps the title of Humber Santillo's book?
      > Happy about the no-blame ethic.
      > Cheers,
      > Mary Ann
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      > From: astrosue
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      > Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 5:36 PM
      > Subject: [Raw Food] allopathic site
      > Hi,
      > I am so sorry you interpreted my comments to be 'grumpy' because
      I did not
      > mean anything like that. And I HAVE posted to this group in the
      > several months ago. I have been away for 3 months.
      > It is quite common to misunderstand the nature of rawfoods and
      > explanation was ever so clarifying. In addition to Humber
      Santillo, another
      > good author who gives the non-allopathic angle of rawfood or
      hygiene is Joe
      > Alexander in 'Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda". I do hope you
      will read
      > those 2 books. After all, this list is for learning....not for
      any kind of
      > blame. However, we do like to keep to the subject and not get
      > into areas which are inapplicable ( just for efficiency's
      sake).... :~)
      > Merrilly, Sue
      > From: "Mary Ann Hogan" <mahmuh@e...>
      > Subject: Re: Digest Number 100
      > Gosh, really? I looked it up and I found it enormously helpful and
      > interesting in supporting my quest for health. I even joined and
      found lots
      > of good info.
      > Will someone of authority in this group, please lay out the laws
      and rules
      > of it?
      > Why are so many people in raw foods seemingly so whiney? Often
      one never
      > hears from these grouchy ones until they have an (outraged)
      complaint. If
      > they're so concerned about the content in the group, why don't
      they have a
      > positive contribution from time to time. Why so many mean
      spirited people
      > here?
      > Amazed and a bit flummoxed,
      > Mary Ann
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