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  • DaRocksMom@aol.com
    Rob; All, I wrote my friend to resend article on the Clorox. He responses: Hi Jane, As long as the Ultra Bleach isn t perfumed, I see no problem with it as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Rob; All,
      I wrote my friend to resend article on the Clorox. He responses:

      Hi Jane,
      As long as the Ultra Bleach isn't perfumed, I see no problem with it as
      long as you rinse it off real good.
      We use a citrus based product named Fit that you can find near the fruit &
      vegetable section of most any supermarket.

      A Bath for Your Fruits & Vegetables?

      Here is what I sent out previously.


      You can make your own bleach by purchasing swimming pool "burn out" or
      "shock treatment."
      It must be only 65% Calcium Hypochlorite with no additional anti-fungal or

      In an extremely well ventilated area, thoroughly mix 24.5 grams
      (approximately 10 Tablespoons) of powder to one gallon of water for a 5.25%
      bleach solution.

      Five pounds of dry pool bleach costs about $10-15, which will make about 92
      gallons of bleach, that will sterilize 706,560 gallons of clear water, or
      353,280 gallons of cloudy water. If you allocate 3 gallons per person per
      day for drinking, food preparation, and sanitation, $15 will take care of
      100 people for one year! Not a bad deal.


      From: "Dallas" <dallast12@...>

      I wrote to Clorox and received this response.

      June 14, 2002

      Mr. Dallas Tohill

      Dear Mr. Tohill:

      Thank you for asking about the use of Ultra CLOROX liquid bleach.

      In case of an emergency, we recommend boiling water for 1 minute. When
      boiling is not possible, we recommend filtering water to let suspended
      particles settle out. Pour off the clear water and add Ultra CLOROX liquid
      bleach as follows:

      1 teaspoon Ultra CLOROX bleach per 5 gallons water
      16 drops Ultra CLOROX bleach per 1 gallon water
      4 drops Ultra CLOROX bleach per 1 quart water

      Wait 30 minutes. The water should have a slight chlorine odor. If not,
      repeat dose and wait 15 minutes, then sniff again. Use only Ultra CLOROX
      bleach, not a scented bleach.

      I hope this information is helpful. If you have additional questions,
      please feel free to contact us. Again, thank you for giving me this
      opportunity to discuss our product.


      Maura D. Hannigan
      Product Specialist

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