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  • Froggy
    ... It s obvious you ve never fasted. You re just embarrassing yourself. ... (a) The point is to accomplish in 3 weeks what you haven t been able to do in 3
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2005
      >rich: eating airy produce is just like fasting to me.

      It's obvious you've never fasted. You're just embarrassing yourself.

      >rich: i don't see a point to fasting, i don't think it's natural

      (a) The point is to accomplish in 3 weeks what you haven't been able
      do in 3 years.

      (b) It's natural. All species do it. Not every animal has the
      being able to find food whenever it wants it.

      rich again: yea, but they're on the look for food when they're

      <What's unnatural is
      having food around whenever you want it.

      >i don't see any of the other animals fasting

      They do it when you aren't watching them then. Some even hibernate.

      >and my body wants a certain amount of food each day.

      It also wants cooked food, but that doesn't mean it's wants are

      >as long as it's getting healthy, raw plant food i think that's a good

      Yes, it's a good thing.

      >why go hungry? i see no point to it,

      To get well faster.

      >but in general i don't see fasting as something that i would do for
      the long term, so why do it at all?

      Changing the oil in your car is not something you'd want to do every
      either, but it's still a good idea to do it periodically.

      rich again: we've obviously reached an impasse here with the
      fasting, some prescribe to such as yourself, some don't.

      >rich: keep on trucking, what do you specifically eat?

      Specifically, different foods at different times of year, depending on
      what's in season, what I can afford, and what I grow in my garden --

      Today, I ate bananas, grapes, raisins, tomatoes, a zucchini,
      brazil nuts, walnuts, an egg, broccoli, and kale.

      rich again: instead of raisins, eat grapes, i don't know what you
      use flaxseeds for, what are they and why do you consider them a
      food? an egg is not raw vegan, i don't like the taste of kale, i
      don't eat it.

      >Why do you ask?

      to get an understanding of a feature from where you're coming from
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