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Re: I need to get out of here!

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  • OrionsDad
    Antimetro, Enjoyed you post and welcome. You made two very good observations and I can honestly say I have felt the same at times. I took
    Message 1 of 1852 , Dec 31, 1999
      Antimetro,<br><br>Enjoyed you post and
      welcome.<br><br>You made two very good observations and I can
      honestly say I have felt the same at times.<br><br>I took
      a quick look around at the famous quote sites to
      see if there was anything that helped answer your
      question. I found a great quote by Epictetus (Circa 60 A.
      D.) who said:<br><br>"Let not another's disobedience
      to Nature become an ill to you; for you were not
      born to be depressed and unhappy with others, but to
      be happy with them. And if any is unhappy, remember
      that he is so for himself; for God made all men to
      enjoy felicity and peace."<br><br>Now he probably was
      not talking about raw food here but you can almost
      make it fit.<br><br>Antimetro, I think it is
      incredible that you can see the value of raw food eating at
      such a young age. Many young people (under 40) feel
      that they are immortal and really don't give much
      thought about their health. If you start now you can
      really avoid so many common health
      problems.<br><br>Well, try to tolerate other people in their poor eating
      habits the best you can and don't let that deter you
      from your own beliefs. You are thinking clearly and
      they are not. Be a light and a positive influence to
      those you meet.<br><br>-OrionsDad
    • Paula
      I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.
      Message 1852 of 1852 , Feb 2, 2007
        I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.

        --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, wolkenmeer wrote:
        > Hi there, I am looking for a new juicer and do
        > not know which to take. Up to now I had a German
        > version of the Champion juicer that I like very much, but
        > it does not work with 110 V here in the USA. Would
        > the Green Life oder Green Power be a better juicer?
        > Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Wolkenmeer
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