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Re: I think the right diet depends on pe

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  • OrionsDad
    Jaminielove_98, I understand what you are saying and I�����m glad that YOU are benefiting from your mostly raw diet. I personally do not put much
    Message 1 of 1852 , Oct 17, 1999
      Jaminielove_98,<br><br>I understand what you are
      saying and I�m glad that YOU are benefiting from your
      mostly raw diet.<br><br>I personally do not put much
      faith in what the so-called experts are saying and that
      includes the nutritionalists and dietitians. They are
      schooled to think a certain way and that is fine but that
      doesn�t make it correct for me or anyone else. I want to
      put my faith in the truth and not in authority. The
      truth in health and diet is what we should be seeking
      regardless of where the truth comes from�even if it doesn�t
      come from the establishment. Remember that the food
      menus at both hospitals and schools are designed by
      dietitians and that, my friend, is nothing to be proud of.
      <br><br>Here is a bit of truth to think about�EVERY living
      creature that EVER lived from the beginning of time until
      now eats EVERY bit of food RAW (not cooked) with the
      sole exception of humans. In the animal kingdom WE are
      sole experimenters of eating cooked foods. Other than
      the good taste of cooked foods the benefits of our
      overindulgence is debatable. <br><br>Now there are many people
      who are not overly concerned about their health. They
      are smoking, drinking, not exercising and eating any
      and everything that doesn�t kill them the next
      moment. What I�m saying here is of no concern to them
      because health is not one of their priorities in life.
      People have the right to eat anyway they see fit, of
      course, but that doesn�t mean that there are many
      truths�one for each of us. People eat for different
      reasons-- some for health, some for pleasure and others for
      both.<br><br>For those people who do have health as a priority I
      contend that we are living in an orderly universe that is
      governed by laws. There are physical laws, spiritual laws,
      and laws of �life�. We all can break these laws� for
      a price. Go break the law of gravity by jumping off
      a tall building and see how far you get. The law of
      gravity rules whether you understand it or even believe
      in it. Go do �bad� spiritual things in your life.
      You might have to wait longer for the repercussions
      but you will� sooner or later. It�s the same thing
      with the laws of �life�. In order for us to have
      excellent health we have to give the body what it needs. Go
      hold your breath for about � hour and see what
      happens. Can anyone argue that our body doesn�t need air
      and the oxygen it contains? Go without water for a
      month and see what happens. Can anyone argue that our
      body doesn�t need water to carry out its functions?
      The same can be said about rest, exercise and food.
      Our health is directly proportional to our ability to
      provide our body with what it needs. If you fail to
      provide what your body needs to live you will get
      progressively sick and eventually die because of it. (continued
      in next message)
    • Paula
      I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.
      Message 1852 of 1852 , Feb 2, 2007
        I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.

        --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, wolkenmeer wrote:
        > Hi there, I am looking for a new juicer and do
        > not know which to take. Up to now I had a German
        > version of the Champion juicer that I like very much, but
        > it does not work with 110 V here in the USA. Would
        > the Green Life oder Green Power be a better juicer?
        > Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Wolkenmeer
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