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What effect does heat really have on...

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  • galapugust
    What effect does heating really have on nutrients !! An enzyme is defined as A protein that acts as a biological catalyst to speed up a chemical
    Message 1 of 1852 , Apr 11, 2001
      'What effect does heating really have on
      nutrients'!!<br><br>An enzyme is defined as 'A protein that acts as a
      biological catalyst to speed up a chemical
      reaction.'<br><br>Raw fooders typically claim that dietary enzymes,
      which are denatured in the heating process, aid in
      digestion. There is, as of yet, little evidence for this and
      this goes against common theory that proteins, such as
      dietary enzymes, are broken down in the stomach by
      pepsin, an enzyme capable of digesting proteins, and
      Hydrochloric acid. Digestion occurs after this time in the
      small intestine. I do not believe that enzymes do what
      raw fooders say they do nor do I believe that enzyme
      theory is important to raw foods in general.<br><br>For
      more on this read Dr Harris's good article 'Raw vs
      Cooked'<br><a href=http://www.vegsource.com/harris/raw_vs_cooked.htm target=new>http://www.vegsource.com/harris/raw_vs_cooked.htm</a><br><br>Another claim is that the cooking process destroys many
      nutrients. First of all minerals are not destroyed or made
      organic and therefore unusable, there is no evidence for
      this.<br><br>Cooking, such as baking, does effect some vitamins but not
      many. <br><br>-Baking- ~20%
      thiamin(B1)<br>-Pasteurization- ~10% loss of B vitamins<br>-Some vitamin C is
      lost also, but pasteurized orange juice still contains
      large amounts of vitamin C.<br>-Some folate is
      lost.<br>-Coenzymes such as coenzyme Q10 is destroyed.<br>-Fats
      oxidizes but are not made indigestible.<br><br>Boiling in
      water can cause some vitamins to lost.<br><br>On the
      other hand cooking has been shown to actually increase
      the absorption of such nutrients and beta caratone in
      carrots.<br><br>The main losses of nutrients are loss through food
      processing such the process from whole grains to their white
      equivalent.<br><br>To say that most vitamins are destroyed is
      ridiculous.<br><br>The nutrient losses coming about from cooking on
      there own do not suggest that a diet should be all raw
      or even predominantly raw but the healthfulness of
      foods are far more complicated than their nutrient
      contents. Foods contain many, many chemicals and various
      reactions occur during cooking and I'm sure that there is
      various negative changes coming from cooking that are not
      explained in terms of nutrient losses of the well known
      nutrients.<br> <br>Blake
    • Paula
      I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.
      Message 1852 of 1852 , Feb 2, 2007
        I have a juiceman Jr. and I love it.

        --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, wolkenmeer wrote:
        > Hi there, I am looking for a new juicer and do
        > not know which to take. Up to now I had a German
        > version of the Champion juicer that I like very much, but
        > it does not work with 110 V here in the USA. Would
        > the Green Life oder Green Power be a better juicer?
        > Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Wolkenmeer
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