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9177RE: [Raw Food] Detoxing

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  • Peter Gardiner
    May 1, 2004
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      You are not weird. I had very minor detox symptoms. I had mouth sores and
      mouth biting but none of the other multitude of things that can happen. Nor
      did I get cravings or lapsing binges which seem to plague so many.


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      From: Lopez, Ariana [mailto:alopez@...]
      Sent: 29 April 2004 17:14
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      Subject: [Raw Food] Detoxing

      Hey Everyone,
      I was wondering why I haven't experienced a detox crisis. I did a fast and
      have been raw since. I've lost 20lbs., and have never had a headache or
      situation like the one May Ellen has been experiencing. I did get very dizzy
      one day, but tossed it up to not having consumed enough calories and ate a
      couple of bananas. Should I be expecting something to hit me soon? or am I
      just really weird? Thank you all for your responses! Ariana

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