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909Gun Happy Cultists.

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  • shortus
    Mar 1, 2001
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      Dear Doug,<br><br>I am sorry to upset you Doug. I
      admire your style and your lifestyle.<br><br>As you know
      we are military allies. We rely upon you to defend
      us under the ANZUS Treaty, and you rely upon us to
      support you in any action you might take.<br><br>That I
      have caused you to trip over your 50 caliber machine
      gun and caused you to drop your 44 magnum on your
      toe, is some cause for alarm.<br><br>We want you to
      strike terror into our enemies. We don't necessarily
      want them to die laughing.<br><br>You realise that as
      the junior partner in this relationship, we sometimes
      get a little toey. And we might be a little
      oversensitive. And rather than assert ourselves, we become
      aggressive. This is not in our best interests.<br><br>Ask
      yourself: wouldn't you prefer a gun-toting cultist as an
      ally.<br><br>I hope you will reconsider and attend your "Heavens
      Gate" meeting.<br><br>Victor.
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