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88Re: Fuss about raw food

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  • shortus
    Aug 9, 1999
      Dear Vela,<br><br>I admire your energy and
      optimism but if changing to raw food was as easy and as
      beneficial as you imply, everyone would eat raw
      food.<br><br>Changing to raw food is more difficult than changing one's
      country and language. It's much more difficult than
      changing your house or your job or your
      spouse.<br><br>Change produces stress and we can handle just so much
      stress at one time.<br><br>To advocate raw food while
      denying the difficulties and disadvantages is no more
      than a confidence trick.<br><br>A 90 percent raw diet
      is beneficial for a small number of people; more
      fruit and vegetables in anybody's diet is beneficial; a
      100 percent raw food diet without meat or fish or
      eggs leads, over a two year period, to a slow but
      steady decline, due to nutrient deficiency.<br><br>My
      aim is a 90 percent raw food diet but I am not a
      booster, confidence man or a salesman. And I don't think
      that raw food is a replacement for religion or a
      healthy spiritual life.<br><br>Changing to a raw food
      diet is not for everyone; a genuine change of such
      magnitude is long, profound and difficult; it does not
      produce instant gratification.<br><br>Your culture adores
      and promotes instant gratification. You are a true
      daughter of your culture, and so you are telling us that
      'you are a good girl'. We deserve better than
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