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81Hello all! Just joined !

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  • singhlion
    Jul 7, 1999
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      Hello to all and peace....<br>Hi Jaminie I just
      joined this club myself!<br>I've been a vegetarian for
      life as have my anscestors.....<br>Of course I think
      its time to take the next leap of faith...<br>I'm
      also a 70/30 raw!<br>Hope to keep my head on level as
      I establish what my body needs...<br>I've found
      interesting discussions on the b-12 <br>dilemma.....any
      thoughts anyone....<br>It seems to be a beneficial vitamen
      thats hard to get in the vegan diet...<br>Ok,<br>Talk
      to you soon!.....<br><br>Lion (veggie lion!:-)
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