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  • Christina Moon
    Mar 4, 2004
      Kim wrote:
      Subject: Re: Vita Mix
      Dr. Mercola says Vita Mix is not good that it kills nutrients I guess in
      juices.. I had my heart set on one..do ya'll agree? thanks Kim

      Christina here:

      I just bought a VitaMix and am so pleased with it for everything. I can't
      imagine what Dr. Mercola is talking about. No, I absolutely DO NOT agree
      with his statement. My VitaMix is the best purchase I've made in
      years!!! If you want one, Kim, don't worry about what someone else says,
      go out and buy one.

      Bright Blessings,


      May my journey benefit ALL beings!

      Blessed Be the Peacemakers!

      May Blesswings of Peace n Love surround you!

      May your Mind be filled with Wisdom.
      May your Eyes be filled with Beauty.
      May your Soul be filled with Peace.
      May your Heart be filled with Love.
      May we ALL live in a State of Grace.
      Peace Be With You Always.
      ~~Christina Moon
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